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Embarking on a job search, regardless of what stage of your career you are in, can be a challenging and uncertain process. Whether you’re planning your next leadership move or transitioning between the private and social impact sectors, Koya Partners can provide the support and tools you need to more effectively manage your career. With Koya’s coaching and support, we can help you strengthen job search strategies, create action plans, acquire skills and knowledge, build stand-out resumes and cover letters, prepare for interviews, and network.

Koya offers a comprehensive range of customized career services to job seekers of all professional backgrounds and experience levels. Coaching services are highly customized to meet the needs of each job seeker.

Please note: While these services are designed to support your career, they will not provide special advantages in your pursuit of searches being managed by Koya Partners.

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Career Coaching Sessions – Individual Services

($250 per session for up to 90 minutes)

Career Coaching Sessions – Packages

What Our Clients Say

Amanda Sonis Glynn has been an excellent thought partner and advisor as I entered a season of career decisions. She prepared me for the next steps when I needed to pivot and her guidance—from strategy, to interview prep to resume—has played an essential role.”

Kellie P.

“Amanda helped me feel comfortable and wholly seen and heard from the moment we began speaking. She immediately understood my unique trajectory and helped me to unearth and articulate the most crucial aspects of my career path (both where I’d been and where I want to go), as well as what my strengths and passions are. She got into the weeds with me with my writing and offered brilliant wordsmithing—she supported and guided me in choosing concise, clear, and authentic words for how I tell my story. I completely trusted her knowledge of career coaching best practices, which she coupled with nuance, attention to detail, warmth, real talk, patience, kindness, consistency, savvy, and love. This work can be very vulnerable and raw, and Amanda created a space where I was able to see and rid myself of inherited habits and get real clarity on what I want my next steps to be. I wish I had been given the toolbox that Amanda shared with me many years ago! I will now think of this phase in my career transition as “AA” (After Amanda), and I move forward with new confidence and vision for my journey.”

Natasha P.

“Amanda Sonis Glynn has been so valuable in my job search process, providing insightful advice for networking, applications and interviewing. She has helped me think through a strategic approach to the job search, making me feel confident and prepared.”

Career Services Client