Evaluating Leadership Potential

Proven Tools for Leadership Assessment and Development

Including an assessment during the search process can help surface the areas a candidate or established leader should actively be working to improve. Koya offers clients a number of assessment tools, including:

  • The Hogan
  • Strengthsfinders
  • MBTI

About The Hogan

Our preferred method of assessment for executive-level hires and professional development is The Hogan.

Evaluating Candidates

What if you could avoid bad hires, maximize talent potential, and seamlessly match candidate values with your company culture? Hogan makes it easy to spot top talent and avoid hires who present better than they perform. The Hogan personality assessments decode the intricacies of candidates’ behaviors to streamline your talent acquisition process with unbiased data. They identify and measure the specific characteristics your prospective talent needs for success based on job criteria and 30 years of industry-leading research.

Professional Development

Hogan believes the true value of professional development comes from strategic self-awareness. It’s vital that people understand the difference between the way they see themselves and the way they are seen by their peers, managers, and direct reports. As the industry-leading expert, we’ve examined and developed solutions that provide critical insight into characteristics that not only facilitate an individual’s success, but, more importantly, can cause failure and career derailment.

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