Environment & Conservation

Environment & Conservation

Koya has a long track record of partnering with environmental and conservation organizations, from national and global advocates working to address climate change to local conservation organizations. We have recruited national and global leaders in environmental and conservation science and policy, advocacy, natural resource and wildlife protection, climate and energy, and others.

We understand the vital role these organizations play under ever increasing pressures and demands, including the need to build more diverse teams and bases of support, effect meaningful policy change, and protect rapidly disappearing lands and resources.

Our work in environment and conservation includes CEO/President/Executive Director searches and senior leadership in program, administration, research, policy, fundraising, and more.

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Selected Clients

We are proud to have worked with the selected environment and conservation clients listed below and many more.

Selected Placed Leaders

We are proud to have placed hundreds of transformational leaders with clients across the country and around the world. We support and celebrate these leaders as they continue to create a deep and measurable impact on our world.

Current Opportunities

Policy Director

About Sustainable Conservation With offices in San Francisco and Modesto, Sustainable Conservation helps California thrive by uniting people to solve the toughest challenges facing our land, air, and water. Every day, we bring together business, landowners, communities and government, in some of the most productive yet economically disadvantaged parts of California, to steward the resources on which we all depend in ways that are just and make economic sense. Sustainable Conservation’s current focus is driving collaborative solutions to meet the water needs of California’s environment, economy and people for current and future generations with particular focus on advancing sustainable groundwater management and accelerating the stewardship of natural and working lands and waterways.  A sustainable water future for California that supports a thriving economy is achievable. But, a future in which nature and people have access to clean, affordable and reliable water is possible only by working with – not against – each other. We are striving to improve the state’s water supply reliability, water quality and ecosystem resiliency in light of climate change and the needs of all of California’s communities.  Current initiatives include: Promoting the capture of flood flows to provide flood protection and recharge depleted groundwater aquifers in ways that protect and ideally improve water quality.  We must ensure that there is sufficient…

Chief Administrative Officer

Water For People is seeking a Chief Administrative Officer (“CAO”) to help support the global organization as it scales aggressively over the next decade.

Chief Program Officer

The Chief Program Officer will set direction and collaborate with leadership and the broader team to create and pursue bold solutions to end animal agriculture and foster just and compassionate living.

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