Environment & Conservation

Environment & Conservation

Koya has a long track record of partnering with environmental and conservation organizations, from national and global advocates working to address climate change to local conservation organizations. We have recruited national and global leaders in environmental and conservation science and policy, advocacy, natural resource and wildlife protection, climate and energy, and others.

We understand the vital role these organizations play under ever increasing pressures and demands, including the need to build more diverse teams and bases of support, effect meaningful policy change, and protect rapidly disappearing lands and resources.

Our work in environment and conservation includes CEO/President/Executive Director searches and senior leadership in program, administration, research, policy, fundraising, and more.

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Selected Clients

We are proud to have worked with the selected environment and conservation clients listed below and many more.

Selected Placed Leaders

We are proud to have placed hundreds of transformational leaders with clients across the country and around the world. We support and celebrate these leaders as they continue to create a deep and measurable impact on our world.

Current Opportunities

Director of Impact

Read and download the position profile here. About Prime Coalition Prime Coalition is a 501(c)(3) public charity that partners with mission-aligned investors to support extraordinary companies that combat climate change, have a high likelihood of achieving commercial success, and would otherwise have a difficult time raising adequate and/or investment capital focused on climate. For more information please visit the Prime Coalition website: https://primecoalition.org. The Opportunity The Director of Impact will drive impact measurement and management at Prime Coalition, a high impact, cutting edge non-profit organization focused on mitigating climate change through catalytic investment. This is an opportunity to help build a precedent-setting catalytic capital investment organization that has a strong commitment to impact measurement as a core part of its organizational identity. The Director will advance Prime’s contributions to the broader field around standard-setting and tool creation, (including but not limited to Prime’s public-facing CRANE tool, built from our own evaluation methodology: http://www.cranetool.org/) and will relentlessly promote and evangelize Prime’s mission. This person will own impact assessment processes before and after Prime’s own investment decisions, manage all reporting against impact targets, and drive periodic third-party impact audits. The Director will be deeply integrated with Prime’s affiliated investment managers, as well…

Director of HR Projects and Change Management

The Director of HR Projects and Change Management will lead project management, evaluation, and the adoption of effective processes to enhance cross-functional collaboration, alignment, and communication.

Development Director

Our Mission and Model We make stories to change the world. We believe that stories are the most powerful catalyst to build empathy, shape culture, foster social justice, and shift unjust systems. From inception to impact, we develop stories to address big societal challenges, and to help move us towards lasting collective solutions. We envision a world that is fair, just, and equitable for all people and the planet. A world that is sustainable and regenerative, where people recognize that science and truth can prevent unnecessary pain and suffering, where we recognize the complexities, nuances, and differences that unify us, and where we work together to build a better future for all. We operate uniquely as a hybrid impact studio and film production company. Since 2012, we’ve been using our films on climate change – the Oscar-shortlisted and Emmy-winning Chasing Ice and Chasing Coral – as tools to advance the climate movement. We’ve challenged skeptical politicians, advanced clean energy legislation, and helped to shift the global narrative on climate change. With our latest Emmy-winning film, The Social Dilemma, we shed light on the business models driving our toxic information ecosystem, which has hindered humanity’s ability to address climate change and…

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