Connected Leadership

Building Affinity, Growing Influence

Connected Leadership

The most successful leaders in this era understand the power of forging meaningful connections around a larger purpose.

Koya Leadership Partners offers strategic advisory services as part of our commitment to helping transformational leaders succeed in their roles. At the heart of Connected Leadership is the idea of purpose. Connected Leadership is about building relationships in order to do something that matters while improving your organization’s business success. We help you develop strategies for leading with your values and effectively engaging key influencers with your organization’s larger mission.

Building Valuable Networks

  • Identifying key influencers
  • Engaging with multiple sectors
  • Connecting leaders and institutions around a larger purpose

Convening Influencers

  • Developing programs to engage internal and external leaders
  • Identifying key opportunities to amplify a larger mission and purpose
  • Forging valuable, ongoing partnerships

Thought Leadership Positioning

  • Innovating strategies for growing awareness
  • Drafting and articulating a compelling narrative
  • Highlighting a commitment to a larger social good
  • Elevating profile, reputation and thought leadership positioning
  • Leveraging resources: charitable giving, government relations, internal and external communications, marketing, and sponsorships
  • Building greater affinity with internal and external stakeholders: customers, donors, employees, shareholders, media, and government
  • Enhancing employee engagement and satisfaction