Transition to the Nonprofit Sector

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LeaderLink, a shared initiative of Robin Hood and Koya Partners, increases the capacity and effectiveness of nonprofit organizations by connecting highly talented individuals with organizations that can benefit from their years of experience in other settings.

Please Note

We are currently in the early stages of planning for a 2021 LeaderLink cohort. Please email [email protected] to express interest. We will reach out as information becomes available.

Program Overview

The nonprofit sector is the third largest employer in the United States and has a projected growth that may soon outpace that of the corporate sector. As a result, nonprofits are creating high demand for talented leaders who have the desire and ability to make a positive impact on their communities. This need for high-quality leadership dovetails with the expanding pool of individuals who are interested in exploring new opportunities within nonprofits.

Created in 2015 through a partnership with Robin Hood, LeaderLink is a program dedicated to providing opportunities for skilled individuals in the finance function in the New York City area who want to make the transition from corporate work to nonprofits, where they can match their skills with their passions. LeaderLink makes it possible to gain the unique skill set and networks necessary for this transition.

Program Information

LeaderLink is a cohort-based initiative that bridges the gap between the unmet talent needs of nonprofit organizations in New York City, specifically within the finance and operations functions, and highly qualified talent interested in leadership roles within local nonprofits. If you are a professional with at least 10 years of finance and/or operations experience in the private sector interested in pursuing a career in the nonprofit sector, LeaderLink provides the training and networks to help you find a job that combines your talents with your passion.

Program Components

Participants are chosen through a highly selective process and receive support and training throughout the program’s duration, including:

Sample Program Schedule
Session Description
1 Introduction to LeaderLink, each other, and the nonprofit sector in New York City
2 Nonprofit Finance 101: Skill-building training on nonprofit finance, accounting, reporting, and board governance (led by Nonprofit Finance Fund)
3 Finding Your Place: Exploration of roles and mission areas
4 Site Visits
5 Nonprofit Finance 201: Skill-building training, continued (led by Nonprofit Finance Fund)
6 Finding the Right Nonprofit Job Part 1
7 Finding the Right Nonprofit Job Part 2
8 1:1 mock interview and feedback session
Ongoing Support

Includes monthly cohort calls, monthly 1:1 calls, ongoing check-ins with mentor, and 3 quarterly in-person trainings.

Participation Fee

In order to offset the cost of delivering this program, participants will be asked to pay a $1,500 program participation fee. For participants for whom this represents a barrier, exceptions can be made.

How to Apply

LeaderLink is looking for outstanding professionals who exhibit all or most of the following experience, skills, and characteristics:

  • Approximately 10 – 15 years of experience in a private sector finance and/or operations role
  • Strong quantitative and analytical skills
  • Demonstrated interest in working at a nonprofit and commitment to making a transition within 12 months of the program
  • Awareness of the challenges and opportunities of a nonprofit career, or willingness to learn
  • Strong communication skills
  • Strong teamwork and collaboration skills
  • A learning orientation combined with a humble approach that is open to understanding the unique challenges of the nonprofit sector, not just applying corporate solutions to nonprofit issues
  • A commitment to the time and investment required to participate in LeaderLink and make the transition to the nonprofit sector
  • Awareness of the realistic compensation ranges for nonprofit leadership roles

Application Process

  • Application: Candidates will be asked to submit a resume and a Statement of Interest in the program, which will be reviewed by experienced Koya/LeaderLink staff. The Statement of Interest should describe, in two pages or less, the applicant’s interest in the program, their interest in transitioning to the nonprofit sector, and the value that they could add to a nonprofit organization in a financial and/or operations management role.
  • Interview: After the initial application screening, prospective candidates will be invited to participate in an interview with LeaderLink representatives in order to determine fit with the program.
  • Notification: Approximately 15 applicants who represent the best fit with and commitment to the program will be invited to join the cohort.

Interested in Learning More?

Please email [email protected] for information about when the application process will begin for the 2021 cohort.

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