Koya places exceptionally talented leaders who truly fit the unique culture
and personality of each client organization.

Koya’s Search Methodology

Our search strategy depends on each client’s unique needs. We meet you wherever you are—whether you’re beginning to craft a position description or you’re ready to take a role to the market, our goal is to understand and reflect your strategic imperatives and develop the strongest pool of candidates using an effective and efficient iterative process.

We conduct a holistic, analytical needs assessment to set the context for the search and enable detailed planning for all phases of the process. This includes a deep investigation of your unique culture and interviews with internal stakeholders to develop a nuanced vision of the intangible qualifications required for success in the role. Findings inform the Position Description, which articulates key competencies and is used to communicate search priorities both internally and externally.

Our research and outreach efforts leverage your key contacts as well as our own extensive network of former clients, placed candidates, experts in the field and emerging leaders. We also reach out to top-tier potential candidates who are not actively seeking a new position but who might be enticed to join your organization. We interview candidates with high potential and evaluate them against core competencies and cultural fit among other qualities, and provide you with regular updates on the developing pool.

After briefing you on the candidate pool and providing relevant candidate materials, we work with you to decide which candidates you would like to interview. We can also help with candidate scheduling and travel logistics. Once finalist candidates are identified, we conduct both formal and additional informal references and provide those to you.

Our team works with you to craft a compelling compensation package to attract the finalist candidate. We also help you develop a strategy for announcing the finalist candidate’s appointment and orchestrate successful transition into the role.

Koya at a Glance

At Koya, we believe our success can and should be measured during every step of an engagement. Below are key metrics that demonstrate our impact and our values as an organization.