We provide the tools and resources leaders need to thrive,
helping our clients retain their most important asset: their people.

Koya works with organizations to maximize their impact through their people. We accomplish this by creating and implementing customized talent solutions that build the capacity of leaders, ensuring they make smart decisions about talent every time.

Our team of talent consultants includes seasoned HR executives with a blend of private sector and not-for-profit experience and expertise. We are results obsessed and our greatest inspiration comes from helping amazing organizations like yours succeed in changing the world.

Koya’s talent engagement survey helps organizations identify, understand, and fix employee engagement issues. Based on statistically proven engagement indicators, our survey tool is fully customizable to meet the needs of your unique organization. Through rigorous and sophisticated analysis of statistically proven “engagement indicators,” our consulting team isolates important insights that reveal global engagement themes, “at risk” sub-groups, and what matters most to your employees. We then develop actionable recommendations and communications reports and tools to share results with relevant stakeholders.

Koya designs high-impact performance management programs that align the day-to-day work activities and performance of individual staff with organizational goals and priorities. As part of this practice, we build performance management tools and systems that offer real-time, transparent insight into performance results so that leaders can course correct and keep the organization on the pathway to success.

Most importantly, our performance management programs ensure that organizations are able to make data-driven decisions about talent by revealing who the top performers are, who is struggling to succeed, what the depth of the talent pool is, as well as where there may be pockets of excellence or underperformance. This information guides decisions around promotions, investment in leadership development, and rewards allocation.

One of the biggest questions employers ask is, “Are we paying competitively enough to capture the level of talent we require to achieve our mission?” Because resources are scarce, however, non-profit organizations must also be sure they are not overpaying for talent.

Leveraging data from the largest, most detailed and up-to-date salary database in the world, our compensation experts will make sure your organization is paying equitably across your entire organization. In addition, we will custom craft a compensation strategy and structure to inform how you allocate resources for pay increases and maintain internal alignment over time.

An abundance of research shows that diverse leadership teams produce positive results for organizations: stronger financial performance, a more competitive edge in recruiting top talent, less employee turnover, and greater impact for customers.

Koya works with organizations to build inclusive practices that allow talent from all backgrounds to thrive and succeed. We begin with an audit of current practices to support a diverse and inclusive culture, followed by internal research with staff via surveys, focus groups, and on-on-one interviews to reveal gaps and opportunities for improvement. Our consulting team then custom develops relevant, actionable recommendations to increase the diversity and inclusiveness of your organization and yield measurable results related to employee engagement and success.

Offering meaningful management and professional development opportunities can be a powerful way to engage and retain top talent, and create a robust internal talent pool for the future. Koya has created a series of leadership development workshops that include experiential learning and practical application techniques that can be put into practice immediately.

Topics of focus include:

  • Management 101: Essential Skills for Managing High Performing Teams
  • Building High Performing Teams
  • Developing People: How to Grow Talent on Your Team
  • Navigating Change in the Complex, Shifting Organization

In addition, Koya offers leadership and management coaching around these topics to maximize the impact of current leaders and managers. Coaching sessions are structured to offer strategic guidance on real-time challenges, and serve as an accountability mechanism as leaders and managers strive to develop skills in targeted areas.

When an employee leaves an organization, the impact resonates with all of his or her relationships—coworkers, supervisors, community partners, clients, and beyond. Koya assists organizations in translating these sensitive, and potentially volatile, experiences into brand- and knowledge-building opportunities. Our support ensures that employers gain valuable insight into why people transition out and build strong relationships with exiting staff so that they remain positive advocates for your organization.