Chief Philanthropy Officer

Chief Philanthropy Officer


New York, NY   |   November 4, 2020

About Client

UNICEF works in some of the world’s toughest places, to reach the world’s most vulnerable children. The fundamental mission of UNICEF is to promote the rights of every child, everywhere, in everything the organization does — in programs, in advocacy and in operations. The past two decades have seen important progress on child rights, yet while much has been achieved, sharp disparities remain. In most countries, inequality is higher today than a generation ago, including in middle income countries where a majority of the world’s poor children now live. The rapid pace of urbanization and the growing youth bulge in Africa and parts of Asia will require significant expansion of the provision of essential services for children. These challenges are compounded by the scale and complexity of crises triggered by conflict, natural disasters, or epidemics. The global community faces these challenges when the political and economic environments pose challenges of their own, testing the world’s commitment to protecting the most vulnerable. In this environment, strong and consistent leadership of UNICEF is critical to enable the achievement of results for children.

UNICEF USA (UUSA) was founded in 1947 and is the oldest of the 36 UNICEF National Committees that support UNICEF. UUSA is headquartered in New York City and with 300 employees distributed across nine regional offices in the US. UNICEF USA’s mission is to relentlessly pursue a more equitable world for every child. It does this by rallying the American public to advance the global mission of UNICEF for the protection of children’s rights in more than 190 countries and territories. Every year, UNICEF USA raises nearly $600 million dollars from private sources and marshals its supporters to advocate for over $800 million in US government support for UNICEF’s lifesaving work. In addition to raising funds, UNICEF USA has built a broad-based advocacy movement.

The Opportunity

Over the past 70 years, UNICEF USA has been profoundly successful in rallying the American public to support the world’s most vulnerable children, and its fundraising campaigns are imbedded in the country’s philanthropic consciousness. This past June, UUSA reported its best revenue year in history amidst the unprecedented challenges and uncertainty of the COVID-19 pandemic. That said, this iconic organization, although vibrant and more relevant than ever, is in need of a refresh to further strengthen its position as the leading child-focused NGO in the United States. An inspirational and transformational new President/CEO joined the organization in January of 2020 to lead this charge, and new highly engaged co-chairs were recruited to the Board of Directors. An immediate critical area of focus for UUSA leadership is the organization’s fundraising operation which over time has become siloed and lacking in cohesion. As a robust, integrated fundraising program is essential for UUSA to meet its ambitious goals and objectives, the organization seeks a deeply experienced and dynamic Chief Philanthropy Officer (CPO) to lead in assessing all aspects of the development enterprise, unify elements of the fundraising operation, drive innovation across multiple channels, maximize impact, and achieve significant sustained revenue growth. This is an exceptional opportunity for a motivated and mission-driven development professional to play a leadership role in reigniting a brand, have significant transformational impact on contributed revenue, and ultimately lead to further strengthening UUSA in making the world a safer and healthier place for the most vulnerable children.

The Chief Philanthropy Officer will prioritize equity as a driver for UNICEF USA. This leader will embrace principles of diversity, equity and inclusion in hiring, mentorship, teambuilding, network activities, and stakeholder engagement. The CPO will actively focus on building equity into structures, systems, and processes for employees and the communities UUSA serves. The CPO will bring expertise, an innovative and open mindset, and a commitment to inclusive practice that values different backgrounds and life experiences.

Expressing Interest

UNICEF USA has retained the Diversified Search Group to assist in this confidential search process. Inquiries, nominations, and applications (current resumes and cover letters) should be directed electronically to [email protected]

Search Team

Gerard F. Cattie, Jr.
Managing Director
Practice Leader – Development & Philanthropy
Diversified Search Group
212.542.2587 | [email protected]

Nicole A. Kamaleson
Managing Director Global Practice
Diversified Search Group
Koya Leadership Partners
312.877.0830 | [email protected]

Melissa Madzel
Managing Director
Diversified Search Group
Koya Leadership Partners
914.205.7770 | [email protected]

Beth Reeves
Vice President and Senior Associate
Diversified Search Group
212.542.2584 | [email protected]

Tammy Schillin
Executive Assistant | Project Manager
Diversified Search Group
212.542.2575 | [email protected]

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