Chief Executive Officer

Chief Executive Officer

Alliance for Strong Families and Communities

Milwaukee, WI or Washington, DC   |   December 13, 2019

About Alliance for Strong Families and Communities

The Alliance for Strong Families and Communities (the “Alliance”) works with thousands of committed social sector leaders to help their organizations more positively impact their communities, working in partnership to achieve the vision of a healthy and equitable society.

During this time of immense change in the social sector, and with millions of children, adults, and families across the nation experiencing barriers to achieving their full potential, the imperative for the Alliance network to be strong, excellent, distinct, and influential has never been greater.

Rooted in the historic movement of advancing health and well-being for all people, the Alliance is a national strategic action network driven by members that are aligned through shared ownership and a common vision and values to achieve a healthy and equitable society.

With an operating budget of $5 million, the Alliance serves as an incubator for learning and innovation to generate new solutions to society’s toughest problems and aggregates the very best sector knowledge. Further, it accelerates change through dynamic leadership development and collective action to ensure policies and systems provide equal access and opportunity for health and well-being, economic opportunity, educational success, and safety and resilience.

Through a spirit of reciprocity, Alliance members support one another in:

  • Being well-resourced and financially sustainable;
  • Embracing leadership that reflects racial and ethnic diversity;
  • Leveraging a strong and diverse talent pipeline;
  • Creating and adopting effective, innovative approaches;
  • Advancing transformational systems change through policy advocacy; and
  • Distinguishing themselves by mastering the values-focused Commitments of High Impact Nonprofit Organizations.

The Alliance’s strategic action network is comprised of member organizations located across the U.S. including:

  • Direct Service Organizations: Private, nonprofit human services community-based organizations that provide a wide array of services to children, families, adults, and communities; or that focus on economic empowerment or neighborhood development; this includes both religiously affiliated and secular organizations;
  • State Associations: State or regional federations, councils, and associations that primarily represent private, nonprofit human serving organizations serving children, families, adults, and communities; and
  • Affiliate Members: Higher education institutions, foundations, public entities, or for-profit organizations that have knowledge, interests, values, and an agenda that is aligned with the vision and mission of the Alliance and its network.

Members of the Alliance share a common vision of creating a healthy and equitable society so children, adults, and families may achieve their full potential. They provide and lead an array of programs such as counseling, education, and family and individual development, adoption and foster care, workforce development, neighborhood revitalization, and civic engagement and advocacy.

The Alliance includes FEI Behavioral Health, its wholly owned social enterprise unit with 40 years’ experience in enhancing workforce resilience by offering a full spectrum of solutions, from employee assistance program and organizational development to workplace violence prevention and crisis management. FEI’s unrivaled combination of services ensures employees are productive and engaged and organizations are safe and prepared. A number of Alliance members work closely with FEI by serving as counseling providers within its employee assistance program network or by offering crisis counseling to FEI’s crisis management services clients.

With and through its network, the Alliance enhances the excellence, distinction, and influence of human services community-based organizations by engaging them with best-in-class knowledge, networking, solutions, and advocacy around helping all people reach their full potential.

As it enters this next chapter, the Alliance seeks to enhance its engagement with champions, partners and an expanding family of donors as well as further develop and innovate its membership and sponsorship programs.

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The Chief Executive Officer Opportunity

With the search for a new CEO, the Alliance is at an important and exciting inflection point. This is a remarkable opportunity for a visionary leader to invigorate the social sector landscape, ensuring the network remains strong and influential in years to come.

The CEO will drive positive outcomes as programs, systems and staff continue to evolve. Reporting to the Board of Directors and overseeing a talented staff of more than 50, the CEO will lead the development and implementation of strategies to ensure the continued operational and financial health of the organization as it continues to enable even greater impact.

In collaboration with the Board, Executive Team and staff, the CEO will lead the Alliance into its next chapter with consistent achievement of its mission, strategic vision and financial objectives. The CEO will ensure the organization’s external presence, internal controls and fiscal policies are aligned with its mission and vision.

A proven leader, the CEO will bring transparency and visionary leadership to all areas of the Alliance, including the organization’s operations, culture, values, talent and financial performance.

The CEO will embody the Alliance’s strong commitment to the social service sector and will promote the organization, accelerating its impact, revenue generation and brand recognition. This leader will be a highly visible member of the community, representing the Alliance nationally. The CEO will work proactively with the Board, business development, fund development, sales and marketing teams to drive resource development for the Alliance and strategically lead the organization into its next chapter with members, donors, and other constituents.

Keys for success include:

  • Championing a culture of collaboration and open communications across all organizational departments to advance organizational goals;
  • Actively engaging and energizing external stakeholders; increasing public and private funding streams to support programming, ideation, innovation, collaboration, partnership development and effective execution across the Alliance network;
  • Embodying a clear, inspiring vision and translating those strategies into effectively executed plans;
  • Ensuring effectiveness and sustainability through innovation and evaluating quantitative and qualitative analytics;
  • Positioning the Alliance for long-term, sustainable success by cultivating new sources of revenue; and
  • Serving as a thought leader, increasing both the visibility and influence of the Alliance.
Candidate Profile

The ideal candidate will have the following qualities, skills and characteristics:

A Visionary Leader with Business Acumen

The ideal candidate will be a strategic leader who will develop and articulate a vision for the organization. This capable leader will have a vision for the social services landscape and will have an eye consistently focused on the future and how to best adapt the Alliance to its changing environment. The CEO will understand and implement best nonprofit management practices and planning, ensuring that day-to-day operations are aligned with strategic goals. This leader will have the ability to set priorities decisively, delegate responsibilities, assure accountability and allocate resources to ensure results while remaining creative and innovative. The CEO will be an intelligent self-starter who is resourceful and entrepreneurial, yet team oriented. A tactical executor, the CEO will have an analytic orientation, utilizing data and metrics to inform decisions and achieve strategic objectives. The CEO will have a demonstrated understanding on how to run a financially sound organization. Fundamentally, the successful candidate will be capable of pulling the strategic levers to drive the organization with the right focus in the right areas.

An Ambassador for the Alliance

The ideal candidate will be an innovative, inspirational leader who will serve as an ‘Ambassador’ for the Alliance. This leader will be able to credibly represent the organization, grasping core concepts, trends and social impact, maintaining the Alliance as a leader in the social services and advocacy landscape. The CEO’s executive and mission-driven presence and will support effectively articulating and conveying the mission and priorities of the Alliance to a range of constituents including current and prospective Alliance members, donors, the Board of Directors and staff. The CEO will build collaboration and buy-in within the Alliance community and beyond, generating new support for the organization. A confident strategic partner and enterprise leader, the CEO will be a touchstone in the cultivation of key partnerships new revenue streams. As the external voice of the organization, the CEO will possess excellent oral and written communication skills and be a confident public speaker. The CEO will bring a genuine passion for the Alliance’s mission and social services, coupled with deep experience driving success in a growing organization or business, particularly in new revenue-generating lines of business. The CEO will have the character and confidence to work comfortably in a highly visible role and to work effectively with a broad range of constituents, both within the Alliance and externally. 

A Relationship Builder and Collaborator

The ideal candidate will possess the ability to promote among all stakeholders a powerful sense of shared purpose and engagement in the future of the Alliance. This leader will have a high level of emotional intelligence with a demonstrated ability to quickly build trust and credibility with people. The CEO will understand the importance of enhancing partnerships with key internal and external stakeholders, including members, the Board, staff, donors and other allies. An inclusive and consultative leader by nature, the CEO will be adept in persuasively guiding this multi-dimensional, complex organization to serve the varied voices and needs of diverse communities and individuals in need. An engaged manager, the CEO will maintain strong working relationships at multiple levels within the Alliance, including the Executive Team. A persuasive and engaging communicator, the CEO will have the ability to energize constituents from a variety of backgrounds and foster an atmosphere of collaboration and partnership across the organization. The CEO will be a dynamic and credible leader who can work effectively with people of different philosophies, backgrounds and cultures. The successful candidate will have a track record of motivating and inspiring others to achieve impact through creativity and teamwork and of leveraging individual strengths to meet organizational goals.

A Passion for the Mission

The ideal candidate will embody the values and mission of the Alliance, inspiring and motivating a hard-working, collaborative, spirited and values-driven team. This leader will possess a deep drive and passion for remaining at the forefront of organizations enhancing the social services sector, continually motivated to improve and expand programs and opportunities to serve the mission. The CEO will embrace the organization’s culture while continually innovating to help expand its brand and reach. This charismatic leader will remain grounded by staying connected with the Alliance staff and community, treating each collaboratively and respectfully. The CEO will lead by example, understanding that at times, a sense of humor is an essential quality. The successful candidate will be an individual of unquestioned integrity, ethics and values; someone who can be trusted without reservation.


Marissa Martin and Chartise Clark of Koya Leadership Partners have been exclusively retained for this search. To express your interest in this role, please submit your materials here or email the team directly at [email protected]. All inquiries and discussions will be considered strictly confidential.

The Alliance is an equal opportunity employer and strongly encourages applications from people of color, persons with disabilities, women, and LGBTQ+ applicants.

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