Strategy Consultant

Strategy Consultant


New York, NY   |   December 10, 2019

About the Organization – 100Kin10

To solve the world’s most pressing problems, we need all of tomorrow’s problem-solvers to be equipped with STEM knowledge, skills, and inspiration. And tomorrow’s problem-solvers need excellent STEM teachers today to guide them. 100Kin10 unites the nation’s top academic institutions, nonprofits, foundations, companies, and government agencies to prepare 100,000 new STEM teachers for classrooms around the country by 2021. To do this, we’re building a new type of networked-impact effort that rethinks how organizations collaborate, learn from one another, and together identify and tackle challenges that none could successfully address on its own. On target to meet our ambitious 100Kin10 goal, we are focusing not only on the 100,000-teacher goal but also on making progress against the underlying reasons for the STEM teacher shortage.

About the Role – Strategy Consultant

Why is an education nonprofit hiring a Strategy Consultant? As we begin to reach the culmination of our initial 10-year goal, we are planning on where 100Kin10 goes next. A part of that work is just that, strategic planning for the organization. In addition, we have already launched a small consultancy, taking our learnings from the past eight years, and applying them to other challenges from outside organizations.

The Strategy Consultant is a part of the Strategic Initiatives Team, whose work primarily falls into two buckets. The first bucket is best described as External Consulting. 100Kin10 has launched consulting-style partnerships that enable others to use our networked-impact approach to map our most complex social problems and to build networks and spur productive collaborative to solve those problems. Most of these partnerships are addressing problems unrelated to the STEM or education sectors, such as longevity and aging, global community health, and the gender gap in non-profit leadership.

The second bucket can be described as Future Planning and focuses on the next phase of 100Kin10, which we expect will follow the achievement of the decade-long, 100,000 STEM-teacher goal at the end of 2021. The projects associated with the post-2021 planning will range greatly in type and scope, related to everything from branding to measurement to north-star goal-setting.

The range of projects requires a generalist with broad, high-quality skills including research, synthesis, analysis, communications (both written and verbal), and project planning and management. The Strategy Consultant is the kind of person who seeks out opportunities to work on ambitious, uncharted goals that, although tough to crack, are fun to pursue and highly-rewarding. Characteristics that lead to success in this role and on the Strategic Initiatives Team include comfort with ambiguity, resourcefulness, curiosity, self-motivation, and reliable follow-through.

Above all, you will bring your passion for social change, your research and analytical capabilities, your knowledge, and your unique lived experiences to our impact-oriented team.

Your Skills & Competencies

This work is analytical, collaborative, and challenging. The Strategy Consultant will be a self-starter who is committed to their learning and growth and possess the following skills and competencies:

  • Research and Data Synthesis: An ability to independently design and conduct research, gather data, structure quantitative and qualitative analyses, and draw actionable recommendations.
  • Written and Verbal Communication: Strong written and verbal communication skills with an ability to create original written content and deliver verbal presentations in multiple settings.
  • Active Listening and Inclusion: You are a strong listener, able to engage with others verbally in a range of styles (e.g., open-ended interviews, give and take, collaboration to build a plan, intellectual argument).
  • Adaptability & Self-motivation: You proactively take the initiative. Strong project management skills, even in an ambiguous environment, and the ability to handle multiple priorities with ease.
  • Learning Mindset: A desire for continuous improvement, innate curiosity, and a foundation of self-awareness that provides space for learning and growth.
  • Critical Thinking: You’re a strong conceptual thinker, who can easily grasp and navigate a range of abstract concepts, relate them to one another and translate those concepts into practical implications.
Your Experience

4-6 years of professional experience in a role that includes:

  • Delivering well-structured quantitative and qualitative analyses.
  • Distilling complex ideas and analyses into concise and persuasive client-ready content.
  • Leading projects with a record of increasing responsibility over-time.
  • Communicating persuasively using multiple verbal and written formats (e.g., PowerPoint, memos, emails).
  • Managing and nurturing high-stakes relationships.
The Application Process

To apply, please create a Basic Profile using this link or click the Express Interest button above. The process takes no more than 5 minutes and all you need is your resume.

Individuals who complete the profile by Friday, December 20th will be given priority; therefore, we encourage you to submit yours soon!

When you apply, we kindly ask you to remove your schools from your resume. There is no need to reformat your resume, and you may leave your degree (e.g. “B.A. Economics”). Just remember to remove any undergraduate and graduate school name references where possible. This “bias blind” process is aimed at opening this opportunity to more candidates; reviewing applicants on performance assessments instead of resume proxies (e.g., where you went to school). Lastly, we intentionally do not ask for a cover letter, so we kindly request that you not send one in your application.

Lastly, while this is an option to submit a cover letter, we kindly request that you not submit one as it will not be read.

This evaluation process will follow best practices shown to reduce bias in decision making and may be different from other application processes you have experienced.

100Kin10 has engaged Koya Leadership Partners to help in this hire. If you have any questions about this opportunity, please feel free to email Abe Taleb,

Working at 100Kin10

People who thrive at 100Kin10 are team-oriented, open-minded, creative, and flexible and possess a strong desire to learn and grow in a feedback-rich environment. Our culture embraces colleagues with genuine warmth, a curiosity to learn, a drive toward excellence, the ability to laugh at themselves, an eagerness for feedback to spur growth and impact, and an interest in co-workers as colleagues and as human beings.

We believe in community. We believe that diverse perspectives and background create a rich work environment that is essential to our work. We are committed to building an organization with raised consciousness in order to impact how we collaborate with our partners, support our network, and work together as a team. We aim to build each other up, empower each other, and give each other what we need to grow and thrive. We hope you will join us as we continue to build a diverse organization that fosters a work environment where people from all backgrounds are welcomed, valued, and supported.

Strategic Initiatives Team members, in particular, thrive in collaborative work environments; are comfortable with ambiguity; are tight on vision and strategy but loose on tactics; embody curiosity and the desire to learn, and constantly search for opportunities for improvement.

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