Vice President, Development

Vice President, Development

State Innovation Exchange

Remote, Remote   |   November 9, 2021

About State Innovation Exchange

The State Innovation Exchange (SiX) is a 501(c)(3) policy, strategy, and resource center for progressive state legislators. We empower, embolden, and equip state legislators to build and wield progressive governing power by/with/for the people they represent. We do this by providing legislators with the tools needed to shape impactful public policy and building their capacity to lead with their constituents. We foster long-term collaboration between legislators – across chambers, across regions, and across state lines – and with grassroots movements. Our vision is an equitable, resilient, healthy, and prosperous future for every person in the United States, which is secured and safeguarded by progressive state legislators. SiX’s sister organization, SiX Action is a 501(c)(4) that works alongside SiX to build the capacity of state legislators by providing policy development, communications tools, and technical assistance.

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The Opportunity

The Vice President, Development plays a central role in developing, implementing, coordinating, and innovating our fundraising strategies and to raise our annual operating budget (FY ‘21 $9.7M, combined c3/c4). The organization’s revenue comes from restricted and unrestricted grants (75%), and individual and institutional donors (25%). This position is a key member of the Executive Committee and supports the organization to achieve a high level of stability and sustainability, which ensures our organization can thrive and live into its full potential. This position plays a critical role in liaising with other departments across SiX to promote collaboration and impact.

Candidate Profile

All staff at SiX have personalized role responsibilities – the outcomes and impacts you are expected to deliver as part of your unique role within the organization. As the Vice President, Development you will report to a Co-Executive Director and be responsible for delivering on the following expectations in your day-to-day work:

Development Strategy & Leadership

  • In collaboration with the Co-Executive Directors, develop and drive an integrated fundraising strategy to support programmatic and operational sustainability and flexibility.
  • Determine organizational priorities for retention, expansion, and cultivation across revenue types and restrictions.
  • Contribute to setting and driving the organization’s strategic plan and vision.
  • Provide ongoing support and stewardship of the Board of Directors in their role as fundraisers and external ambassadors.
  • Participate in the organization’s primary governance structures, the Executive Committee and Operating Committee, to develop, implement, and drive organizational-wide priorities.

Donor Cultivation & Stewardship

  • Oversee the organization’s work to prospect, cultivate, steward, and grow relationships with individual and institutional donors who support the work of SiX.
  • Oversee the organization’s work to prospect, cultivate, steward, and grow relationships with foundations who support the work of SiX.
  • Maintain direct involvement in the creation and execution of donor research, structured pitches, and related donor management tasks.
  • Drive annual development planning processes to set revenue and growth targets.
  • Tailor, strengthen, and maintain durable development systems that help to successfully execute all aspects of fund development, including donor databases, proposal development, grant reporting, and development tracking systems.
  • Successfully align donor interests with SiX’s mission and educate donors on the impact of SiX’s holistic work.

Team Management

  • Supervise, mentor, and support the Development Associate and any future staff in the department.
  • Supervise the Development Associate in the creation and execution of grant applications, submissions, and reports, as well as lateral management with other departments to ensure the timely delivery of materials.
  • Provide lateral and vertical management to other senior leaders, including the Co-Executive Directors, to meet fundraising targets.
  • Cultivate an environment of positive team building and drive organizational culture-building activities.
  • Ensure the Development team is collaborating across the organization, as necessary.
  • Oversee the execution of special projects, as necessary.
Desired Skills and Characteristics

While no candidate will bring every qualification desired, the following professional skills and personal characteristics are representative of what SiX is seeking for this important hire:

  • Experience in individual donor stewardship for nonprofit organizations and/or issue advocacy campaigns to drive SiX’s strategy on how to steward and grow our individual donor program.
  • A strategic, big-picture, and systems lens to the foundation funders in the advocacy/progressive movement infrastructure sector.
  • Ability to shape our strategic fundraising plan to maximize our efforts and impact in securing the resources necessary to advance our mission and purpose.
  • A demonstrated work history of successfully and equitably managing multi-racial teams.
  • Experience in complex, nonprofit fundraising environments (organizations with multiple tax entities [c3/c4/PAC/etc.], and/or a $5-10M overall budget size).
  • An expert command of management strategies to effectively inspire and motivate a nationally distributed, remote team.
  • Experience with various fundraising platforms and CRMs and the ability to drive SiX’s management strategy on how to innovate our tools and systems to manage our development and fundraising operations effectively.
  • A skillset for not just fundraising, but also for programmatic and operations work, and an ability to effectively partner with other senior leaders to anticipate and respond to opportunities to collaborate effectively across the organization.
  • Leadership from a values-forward place, attending not just to what we do but how we do it.
  • Expertise in “holding the whole,” knowing how to advocate for the department while also understanding how to attend to the broad and best interests of the entire organization.
SiX Core Competencies

All staff roles at SiX are grounded in a set of core competencies that are standardized across the organization based on the type of role you hold. As the Vice President, Development you will be expected to demonstrate the following core competency expectations in your day-to-day work:

  • Equity and Inclusion. You have a sophisticated understanding of how racial, gender, economic, and social inequity impacts supervisory relationships, organizational culture, partnerships, and campaigns and coalition work, and successfully intervene in problematic dynamics to deepen a justice approach within your team and with partners.
  • National Strategy and Oversight. You are able to design the strategy, impact, and resource deployment for at least one of the organization’s core departments/issue areas.
  • Staff Management. You are able to hire, support, and cultivate the leadership of staff in your program/issue area. You effectively engage in and resolve conflict and you are able to adeptly manage across lines of difference within a multi-racial organization.
  • External Partner Management and Movement Building. You are able to identify, cultivate, and maintain successful partnerships with external stakeholders in the implementation and impact of your department/issue area. You possess the ability to identify, recruit, hire, delegate and manage contractors and/or vendors to implement components of the work, on an as needed basis.
  • External Communications and Brand Management. You are able to represent the organization and serve as a spokesperson and thought leader with legislators, the public, and members of the press. You advance the organization’s reputation, profile, and brand with key stakeholders. You ensure departmental participation in national conferences and events, as needed. You possess excellent written and verbal communication skills.
  • Knowledge Management. You are able to design and manage systems, processes, and tools to better support the facilitation, collection, and sharing of knowledge that is generated by your portfolio. You ensure consistent data collection and analysis on key project outcomes. You work collaboratively with the Executive Team and senior management to integrate cross-program activities and functions.
  • Financial Oversight. You are able to drive financial decision-making and resource allocation for your department/issue area. You are able to design and manage your department/issue area budget and synthesize financial information for organizational use.
  • Fund Development. You are able to drive the fund development strategy for your department/issue area. You are able to effectively design funding requests and communicate those ideas, both in writing and in-person, to targeted audiences.
  • Compliance. You are able to ensure that all activities within your program area/department, as well as the staff you manage, comply with relevant nonprofit laws and adhere to internal policies, practices, and protocols.
  • Organizational Culture and Values. You are able to ensure that you and all members of your team practice and uphold the organization’s values in your day-to-day and long-term work. You steward and exemplify an organizational culture that is productive, collaborative, and equitable.
SiX Organizational Values

All staff at SiX are responsible for upholding our organizational values, which were developed collaboratively by all staff. These describe the way we strive to do our work together and the kind of organizational culture we want to build. As the Vice President, Development you will be responsible for demonstrating the following behaviors in carrying out your day-to-day work:

  • Equity and Inclusion. Actively practice our commitment to racial, gender, economic, and social justice. Demonstrate an openness to cultivating progressive, inclusive leadership and welcoming different learning and leadership styles. Seek and accept feedback about ways to strengthen your awareness and understanding of how to create more inclusiveness in your speech and behavior. Practice humility and continuous learning. Commit to repairing relationships with your speech or behavior has promoted inequity or exclusion.
  • Collaboration. Proactively build relationships with your colleagues and partners. Demonstrate respectful speech and behavior. Be honest, kind, and direct in instances of conflict. Adopt a stance of “having each other’s back.” Resist habits of individualism and competition in favor of turning toward and building with one another.
  • Accountability. Demonstrate the ability to own and achieve your responsibilities at work. Attend to both the results and the process by which you achieve your results. Pay attention to details, anticipate roadblocks, offer solutions, drive work forward, include relevant stakeholders when making decisions, follow through with delivering high-quality work on time.
  • Integrity and Trust. Do not withhold information but democratize knowledge. Acknowledge both your successes and your mistakes. Practice forthrightness, “saying the thing,” graciously giving and receiving feedback, and building your own skills and capacity as well as that of your colleagues.
  • Initiative and Tenacity. Take responsibility for your success and the success of your teammates. Demonstrate the ability to manage and successfully execute on the work in the context of a remote organization. Offer and seek answers and options proactively, in consultation with your supervisor, colleagues, and partners. Challenge implicit assumptions and create explicit agreements.
  • Flexibility. Embody a “getting to yes” attitude and a propensity for working through roadblocks, building consensus, and course correcting when necessary. Engage in continuous learning and reflection. Seek feedback. Apply your learnings to subsequent projects and responsibilities. Welcome change and seek ways to adapt to new information, people, and circumstances.
  • Innovation. Commit to learning and growing the organization’s work. Stay open to possibility. Greet new opportunities with curiosity and a sense of possibility and openness. Contribute to a culture that lets us grow, try new things, succeed (or fail), and learn from our efforts.
Compensation & Benefits

At SiX, we commit to equal pay for equal work. To counter pay inequality and uphold internal parity, we use a nonnegotiable starting salary system, while benchmarking our pay to highly competitive markets in the nonprofit sector. The nonnegotiable starting salary for this position is $130,000.

In addition, SiX offers competitive benefits including generous healthcare coverage options for you and your family, life insurance, a retirement match, flexible schedule, and a generous leave and holiday schedule. More information about our benefits and compensation philosophy is available here. This is a full-time, exempt position. The position is remote and open to anyone living in the United States. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we have prohibited work-related travel for the foreseeable future.


Koya Partners, the executive search firm that specializes in mission-driven search, has been exclusively retained for this engagement. Shelby Woods of Koya Partners is leading this search. To express interest in this role please submit your materials here. All inquiries and discussions will be considered strictly confidential.


State Innovation Exchange is an equal opportunity employer. We encourage people of color, Indigenous people, women, LGBTQ folks, and immigrants to apply for open positions. We do not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, disability, national origin, age, martial, and/or veteran status or any other characteristic or activity protected by federal, state, or local law.

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