Senior Director, Organizing and Politics

Senior Director, Organizing and Politics

Florida Rising

Florida, US   |   January 7, 2020

About Florida Rising

The New Florida Majority is an independent political organization working to increase the voting and political power of marginalized and excluded constituencies toward an inclusive, equitable, and just Florida. The New Florida Majority believes in a participatory democracy where people can be their whole selves.

Organize Florida is a progressive, community-based organization engaged in and committed to building power to effect change in times of injustice and to maintain and protect rights in the state of Florida whenever and wherever injustices are being committed or civil rights are being infringed upon.

In an effort to organize Black and Brown communities to seize power and govern to advance social, economic, and racial justice in Florida, New Florida Majority and Organize Florida have merged and are now Florida Rising!

With the vision of growing in every region of Florida and truly becoming a statewide multi-issue, multi-racial, locally rooted, power building organization, the newly merged organization envisions a bold and powerful model of organizing that shifts power to Black and Brown communities and ultimately fundamentally shifts Floridian’s ideologies.

The Opportunity

In light of this merger, Florida Rising is seeking a dynamic and creative organizer to lead the team and grow the strength of the organizing program to make Florida better for everyone. The Senior Director of Organizing and Politics will work in collaboration with the Co-Executive Directors and the staff to refine and grow an organizing program that builds the power of those who have been historically kept at the margins at the local, state, and federal level, and to ensure that the organization is building a diverse movement with a culture that is rooted in equity and inclusion.

Responsibilities include:

Ensuring that the organizing and political work is strategic, powerful, and integrated:

  • Drive annual organizing and political planning processes and the development of ongoing strategic initiatives;
  • Oversee organizing and political program development, evolution and new program creation in partnership with leadership and department heads;
  • Stay laser-focused on overall priorities, deploying or re-deploying resources to their best and most-impactful uses for the organization;
  • Stay up to date about the dynamic movement, political, and electoral landscape in Florida, including what’s happening with major players and stakeholders;
  • Ensure integration of grassroots organizing and base building work with nonpartisan electoral and political work to maximize power-building;
  • Work with the Senior Director of Advocacy and Programs to ensure organizing and political work are feeding powerfully into legislative work and issue campaigns at the local, state and federal levels.

Overarching organizational leadership:

  • Serve on the Executive Leadership Team with the Co-Executive Directors, Chief of Staff, Chief Operating Officer, and Senior Director of Advocacy and Programs;
  • Give input on strategic decisions and collaborate on other issues as needed;
  • Be a thought partner on strategy, management, vision, and program development;
  • Ensure that all organizational decisions from leadership are translated to and throughout the program teams;
  • Represent programmatic work with Board of Directors;
  • Support the Directors and Managers leadership bodies to ensure tight relationships and alignment across the organization.

Recruiting, training, and mentoring staff:

  • Directly supervise the heads of the Organizing, Membership/Training, and Electoral & Civic Engagement departments;
  • Build a high-performing, inclusive team of program leaders and staff, with equitable hiring and performance management best practices;
  • Ensure that managers are effectively recruiting, training & managing staff on their teams;
  • Ensure there are no gaps in development opportunities by race or gender;
  • Advise each department’s leadership on management and personnel issues;
  • Make sure all program staff (especially those typically on the margins) have the support they need to thrive.

Representing the organization publicly and with allies:

  • Strategic network and relationship cultivation with current and key prospective partner organizations and coalitions;
  • Participate in coalition activities as a decision-maker for the organization.

Equity & inclusion:

  • Monitor organizing and political program results by race and gender to spot gaps and disparities;
  • Engage and support staff to identify ways to improve on DEI efforts within programs and events;
  • Drive equity work across the organization.
Keys to Success
  • Political & movement orientation – you consider yourself to be part of the progressive movement, interested & immersed in the social and political landscape in Florida.
  • Expert manager of people & projects – you build strong teams and know how to get great results with and through others.
  • Visionary & strategic – you are focused on day-to-day performance, but are also able to pick your head up, step back, imagine different futures and what it would take to get there.
  • Organizational mindset & leadership – You model a high bar for performance and are able to balance the best interests of both your team AND the organization at the same time.
  • Judgement & Trust – you operate with great integrity, keeping confidences as needed, being honest about your opinions, sharing problems appropriately with leadership, and balancing competing demands to make well-informed and strategic decisions.
  • Interpersonal communication – you skillfully communicate with your team, offering useful feedback with a growth mindset, staying in tune with peoples’ emotional state, and are able to resolve conflict directly and effectively.
  • Relationship-builder – you build enthusiastic buy-in and trust with individuals from a wide range of backgrounds and partner organizations by centering and building strong relationships.
  • Proactive problem-solving – you are able to move your team and the organization through challenges and towards solutions by seeing both the detail and the big picture. Importantly, you see ahead, coming up with alternate paths forward before little things become big things and you know there are rarely only two choices in any situation.
  • Flexibility – you are comfortable operating with uncertainty and change, ready to take advantage of unexpected opportunities and adapt quickly as the context shifts.
  • Commitment to core values & strategic approach – you identify deeply with the vision and values Florida Rising holds as well as their approach to base-building, organizing and politics.
  • Commitment to learning & applying an Equity & Inclusion Lens – You bring insight and a practical lens to places where identity, equity, and power intersect with the work. You can recognize ways that your and others’ identities show up and play out in the work, especially as a manager, and are committed to ongoing learning and practice in this area.

The ideal candidate will have many if not all of the following professional and personal qualities, skills, and characteristics:

  • A proven track record of success building and managing an organizing program; five to seven years of experience in community organizing, union organizing, political organizing, and/or legislative issue advocacy experience required;
  • Experience managing staff, with a preference for past experience managing organizers;
  • Strong track record of winning concrete campaign victories, mobilizing large numbers of people into action, and building community leadership;
  • Excellent communication skills and ability to share a vision;
  • Multicultural competence and demonstrated ability to work with people from a variety of ethnic, racial, socio-economic, educational, linguistic, and religious backgrounds, as well as people of various physical abilities, sexual orientations, gender identities, and generations; experience building diverse, equitable, and inclusive movements preferred;
  • Strong, clear, and accurate writing, editing, and verbal communication;
  • Excellent relationship building skills and experience working effectively with community groups and members;
  • A passion for member-driven campaigns that expand democratic rights for communities that have been historically marginalized, excluded and silenced is a must.

*People of Color and women strongly encouraged to apply.


The Senior Director of Organizing and Politics salary will be between $100,000 and $110,000 per year depending upon qualifications and experience.


Trisha Sutrisno and Amber Gomes of Koya Partners have been exclusively retained for this search. To express your interest in this role please submit your materials here or email [email protected] and [email protected] directly. All inquiries and discussions will be considered strictly confidential.


Florida Rising is an equal opportunity employers. All qualified applicants will receive consideration without discrimination because of sex, marital status, race, age, creed, national origin or the presence of disabilities. False or misleading statements during an interview and/or on the application are grounds for terminating the application process or, if discovered after employment, terminating employment. A felony conviction will not necessarily bar an applicant from employment.

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