Executive Director

Executive Director

Narrative Initiative

Location Flexible, USA   |   July 7, 2020

Narrative Initiative catalyzes durable narrative change in order to make equity and social justice common sense.

Over the last several months, we have witnessed the growing influence of social change movements and individuals to expand our collective ideals. For too long, harmful narratives have marginalized, divided and promoted fear in order to uphold unjust systems. Our nation is at an inflection point where new narratives can be created to establish and promote powerful and inspiring visions for the future where equity and social justice are common sense.

Narrative Initiative has emerged as an important institution that seeks to transform how narratives and movements align to create social justice impact. As the organization steps into its bold next chapter, the Narrative Initiative seeks a visionary and dynamic Executive Director who understands the power of narrative to create a world of belonging, equity and justice.

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