Chapel Hill, NC   |   February 20, 2020

About  MiracleFeet

Launched in 2010, MiracleFeet is a fast-growing and entrepreneurial nonprofit organization that is passionate about transforming the lives of children born with clubfoot in lower-income countries.

Untreated clubfoot is one of the leading causes of disability in much of the world, affecting one in 800 children globally. Left untreated, clubfoot makes it difficult and painful to walk. Ninety percent of those affected live in low or middle-income countries where there is limited or no access to proper treatment. Children living with untreated clubfoot are often denied the opportunity to go to school, participate in community activities or obtain meaningful work. It is well documented that children living with disabilities in low-income countries are among the most vulnerable in the world. Hidden away due to the stigma associated with disability, they suffer from higher rates of neglect, malnutrition, physical and sexual abuse, illiteracy and lifelong poverty.

MiracleFeet was created to end clubfoot disability by ensuring all children with clubfoot, regardless of where they are born, have access to treatment, enabling them to live fully productive, active, and healthy lives. Treatment is non-surgical, relatively simple, inexpensive and restores full functionality to the feet in 95% of cases.

Position Summary

Building on the success of the last decade, MiracleFeet is seeking a President to lead the implementation of its bold global strategy, working collaboratively with the CEO, Board, staff, donors and external partners.

This is a newly created role at MiracleFeet designed to bring additional experienced leadership to help us further refine and implement the operating model and build the infrastructure needed to support ongoing growth and impact, allowing the CEO to step back from day-to-day management of the organization to focus almost exclusively on increasing sources of funding from institutional and major donors and on advocating for clubfoot as a global health priority.

The primary metric for success in this role will be the ability to scale MiracleFeet to double the number of children enrolled in treatment in the next five years while maintaining high treatment quality and completion rates.

Expression of Interest

Koya Leadership Partners has been exclusively retained for this search. Anne McCarthy, Nicole Kamaleson and Domino Gehred-O’Connell are leading the engagement.

To make recommendations or to express your interest in this role please email All inquiries and discussions will be considered strictly confidential.

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