Chief Equity & Inclusion Officer

Chief Equity & Inclusion Officer

The Jewish Board

New York, NY   |   September 9, 2020

About The Jewish Board

The Jewish Board of Family and Children’s Services strengthens families and communities throughout New York City by helping individuals of all backgrounds realize their potential and live as independently as possible.

The Jewish Board provides critical health and human services for all New Yorkers, regardless of religion, ethnicity, cultural background, gender identification, ability or age. We help adults and children living with mental illness, families and individuals who need supportive housing, adolescents who deserve a safe and protected environment within which to recover, people living with developmental disabilities, and New Yorkers who need counseling and mental health services to address specific issues.

For more information on The Jewish Board, please visit the website.

The Chief Equity & Inclusion Officer

The Jewish Board is seeking a Chief Equity & Inclusion Officer (CEIO) to lead its strategic diversity initiatives agency-wide. This is a newly created role reporting to the CEO, which is ideal for the experienced leader who is passionate about supporting communities and who views all things through the lens of diversity, equity, and inclusion. This leader will work towards an environment where anti-racism, inclusion, and the active combatting of Anti-Semitism act as key levers for improving internal culture and increasing staff engagement at The Jewish Board.

This person is a strategist, a content expert, a collaborative partner with senior leadership team members and committees, and a disruptor, as they think through how to best weave diversity, equity, and inclusion into the fabric of all the organization’s efforts. They will take a consultative approach grounded in collaborative partnership with regard to working with their peers and staff across the organization given its size and complexity. They will bring a deep level of empathy and emotional intelligence to the organization and will, above all else, bring a listen-first approach to the work and the process of getting to know the place and the people.

The CEIO will be responsible for developing, implementing, and managing strategies that will promote a culture of equity and inclusion through the creation of practices, policies, and norms that foster deeper engagement and connection amongst staff across their 75 locations throughout the NYC area. They will hold deeply, the belief that in order to promote equity and tolerance, one must acknowledge systems of oppression that exist and work towards actively dismantling them. This is echoed in the mission of COR, a working group where much of this work has historically lived, which states – “COR is the driving force for anti-racist change, increased representation of people of color (POC), and accountable leadership at The Jewish Board so that all communities can thrive.”

The CEIO is familiar with changing culture within environments that require sensitivity and creativity in managing existing tensions and power dynamics. They will have significant experience advancing a diversity, equity and inclusion plan/program within an organization that includes many internal and external stakeholders. They will also have an understanding of, sensitivity to, and respect for diverse racial, socio-economic, ethnic, academic, religious and cultural backgrounds, knowledge and experience of Jewish culture and traditions, as well as various staff identities – gender identity, sexual orientation, disability, to name a few. They will possess a minimum of ten years of experience with a plus being prior experience in a nonprofit or large agency setting.

This is a full-time position located in New York City requiring a BA, with MA degree a plus.

Core Competencies

Passion for the Mission:

The Chief Equity & Inclusion Officer will have a passion for The Jewish Board’s mission, goals, and services, as well as an understanding of social services as a sector and the relationship historically between social service agencies and the communities that they serve. They will have an appreciation for organizing, grassroots efforts, and the way that many community initiatives and programs come to fruition. They will be committed to communities and families of all backgrounds and will possess unquestioned integrity, ethics and values.

DEI Strategy Development and Execution:

The Chief Equity & Inclusion Officer will be an experienced professional in the diversity, equity, inclusion space, with knowledge of standard methodologies, state of the profession, and current research. As an internal resource and expert, this person will be an experienced advocate for diversity, equity, inclusion, and anti-racism topics and will be comfortable both challenging and educating senior leadership and staff. This individual will also be experienced in the implementation, improvement and/or leadership of diversity, equity and inclusion programs.

Additionally, the CEIO will have the ability to analyze, measure, and report on the efficacy of diversity, equity, inclusion, and anti-racism programs and activities. This person will ensure that these efforts extend to all aspects of The Jewish Board, across all of its programs and services.

Self-Awareness and Emotional Intelligence: This leader has a well-developed sense of professional maturity that dictates their level of judgement at all times. They are an ardent self-starter and seek out opportunities to get involved, make connections and go above and beyond. They have an advanced sense of emotional intelligence and active listening skills that allows them to center the needs, stories, and experiences of others when interacting with them. This emotional intelligence also allows them to understand how to influence people to action whether on an individual basis or in large groups.

Superior Communication Skills: This person will be required to join The Jewish Board with a listening-first approach, devoting a significant amount of time to a comprehensive needs assessment and analysis of the state of diversity, equity and inclusion within the organization, including past efforts and initiatives as well as success stories at the program level. The CEIO will need to be a patient and thoughtful communicator as they lead The Jewish Board’s efforts to establish shared vocabulary and norms around diversity equity, and inclusion. They will have the ability to write with simplicity, clarity, and succinctness. This individual will have experience designing and working with a range of knowledge management, communication and project management tools, processes and policies as well as comfort with adopting new tools and supporting staff learning.

Collaborative Relationship Building and Stakeholder Engagement Skills: The Chief Equity & Inclusion Officer will have the ability to cultivate and develop collaborative working relationships. This leader will be seen as accessible, approachable, and will find opportunities to educate staff on topics of diversity both formally and informally as often as possible. They are a coalition-builder and a connector – connecting people and resources in an effort to activate the power of the diversity, equity, inclusion, and anti-racism initiatives throughout teams and locations across the organization.

Strategic Leadership Skills in a Matrixed Environment: This leader will have experience executing a large-scale strategy within a fast-paced, multi-program, matrixed organization. This content expert will need to develop the structure and strategy, management principles and practices, and theory of organizational change that centers diversity and equity in all of the organization’s systems and processes, including programming, planning, training, policies, and best practices. They will require the vision to develop this process, the strategic outlook for successful implementation, and the ability to influence others over whom they may have no direct authority.

Change Management Experience: At a time when The Jewish Board is experiencing change in its senior leadership and when the diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives have had varying degrees of success at the larger organization level, it is imperative that the Chief Equity & Inclusion Officer be familiar with and knowledgeable about best practices to support change management throughout the organization. Additionally, this change management experience is necessary while we navigate a continued pandemic with disproportionate impact on communities of color simultaneously with a societal reckoning of the history of racism and racist systems in this country. They will promote activities and learning that enable The Jewish Board to build change management systems while helping individuals to strengthen their own competency and ability to actively manage change.

Compensation & Benefits

Salary is competitive and commensurate with experience.


Miecha Ranea Forbes and Christy Farrell of Koya Leadership Partners have been exclusively retained for this search. To express your interest in this role please submit your materials here. Email Miecha Ranea Forbes and Christy Farrell directly at [email protected] and [email protected] All inquiries and discussions will be considered strictly confidential.

The Jewish Board respects diversity and accordingly is an equal opportunity employer that does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, creed, religion, national origin, alienage, citizenship status, age, disability, sex, gender, gender identity or expression (including transgender status), sexual orientation, marital status, partnership status, veteran status, genetic information, or any other status protected by applicable federal, state, or local law.

This applies with respect to recruiting, hiring, placement, promotion, transfer, training, compensation, termination, assignments, benefits, employee activities, access to facilities and programs, and all other terms and condition of employment as well as general treatment during employment.

The Jewish Board will endeavor to make a reasonable accommodation to the known physical or mental limitations of qualified employees with disabilities, without regard to any protected classifications, unless the accommodation would impose an undue hardship on the operation of our business. Any employees who need assistance to perform their job duties because of a physical or mental condition should contact human resources.

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