Board Member(s)

Board Member(s)


Location Flexible, The Americas and the Caribbean preferred   |   June 15, 2020


IPPF/WHR is going through an exciting period of transformation. In 2019, we began a process to reinvent ourselves from a family planning organization established in the 1950s to a 21st-century feminist organization seeking to put justice at the center of our actions. Underpinning all aspects of this transformation is our commitment to working within an ecosystem of feminist activists and organizations throughout the Americas and Caribbean that share a common mission: to ensure universal access to sexual and reproductive health care, eradicate violence against women and girls, provide sex education, and fight for sexual and reproductive rights. We put the needs of women and girls at the center of this ecosystem, which we represent through the image of a mandala, and seek to work with those who experience multiple forms of discrimination resulting from inequalities.

Within IPPF/WHR’s ecosystem are 46 autonomous partners in nearly every country and territory across the Americas and the Caribbean. Our partners provide critical and lifesaving sexual and reproductive health services in some of the most underserved communities in the region and are often the only accessible healthcare providers for women and girls experiencing multiple forms of discrimination, including those in crisis settings. We act as a connecting fabric among partners and other platforms and serve as a multiplier of innovation by investing in capacity sharing. We have staff in Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Mexico, Panama, and the United States who have a wide range of expertise, including advocacy, communications, health care, management, research, and sexuality education.

In 2019, our partners provided more than seven million people with over 41 million healthcare services. Eight of every 10 people receiving care at IPPF/WHR partners are women, six of every 10 come from poor and underserved communities, and more than a third are youth ages 10-24.

For decades, IPPF/WHR has been consistently recognized for our strategic leadership in global, regional, and national advocacy spaces, and for leveraging advocacy opportunities to create an environment

where public policies and social programs meet the real-life needs of local communities. Last year, these efforts contributed to 36 progressive advocacy achievements across the region, including the decriminalization of abortion in the state of Oaxaca in Mexico, the registration of misoprostol and mifepristone in Chile, and the provision of minimum wage to families affected by Zika in Brazil. In response to COVID-19, we are accelerating new service delivery models like telehealth and advocating for sexual and reproductive health as part of universal health care, self-managed abortion, and improved social protections for all.

The Opportunity

IPPF/WHR is now in an incredibly exciting stage and seeking dedicated, qualified, and passionate individuals from throughout the world to join them.

As volunteers, board members share a governing role and bear responsibility for the vision and stewardship of the organization. Members are expected to give their time and talent, and to contribute connections and resources in accordance with their capacity.

Members will participate in three meetings each year and will be periodically asked to participate in a committee.

  • There may be events to which members might be invited to host or participate in, such as visits to partner organizations and meetings with the wider network of partner organizations and donors.
  • While this is an unpaid position, IPPF/WHR reimburses all eligible travel expenses in connection with organizational and governance work.
  • Based on their ability, members will be expected to contribute financial resources to an annual giving target and to bring in supporters as well.
Expressing Interest

Koya Leadership is conducting the search to identify and engage with potential candidates for this pivotal Board membership position. Any and all nominations, inquiries, and discussions will be considered confidential.

Expressions of Interest (fully completed), with both CV/resume and cover letter (addressing motivation and suitability per the role specifications) can be submitted here.

IPPF/WHR strongly encourages applications from people from all regions of the world, persons of color, people with disabilities, women, LGBTQ+ individuals, and other underrepresented applicants.

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