Chief of Staff

Chief of Staff

Food Recovery Network

Washington, DC   |   December 20, 2019

About FRN

Founded in 2011, Food Recovery Network (FRN) is the largest national student-led food recovery movement working to bring food recovery programs to colleges and universities across the country. FRN is currently comprised of almost 200 chapters at colleges and universities across the country and has recovered more than 3.9 million pounds of food. FRN has a 3-year strategic plan (FY 2020-2022) and the Chief of Staff will guide the team to implement pathways to achieve the plan. FRN has grown from a $425,000 annual budget to over $725,000 and expects to continue to grow over the course of our next three-year strategic plan.

About the Role – Chief of Staff

The Chief of Staff will be a strategic and trusted partner to the Executive Director (ED), Regina Anderson, creating leverage for the ED and the organization as a whole.

You will serve as a critical thought partner and advisor to our team and will be centrally positioned to learn about and influence all aspects of an innovative non-profit. You will explore new areas of opportunity for FRN, build relationships with external partners, support strategy and management work, and source and analyze data to inform our growth. 

The Chief of Staff will work across the organization on new and ongoing projects, both in conjunction with the ED, and often, independently, allowing you to play a vital role in ensuring that FRN achieves its mission and ambitious goals.

The COS will manage, both directly and indirectly, our current 15 person staff that will grow to over 20 people in the next year. Importantly, the successful COS will have the skills, sensitivity, and personal confidence to tap into the unique power that each member of the team brings to this mission. 

Your Responsibilities will Include:

Directly Supporting the ED

  • Enable ED to concentrate on what’s most important to FRN, bringing pertinent issues to her attention in an organized and succinct manner, and managing internal operations on a day-to-day basis.
  • Monitor information flow; working with all team members to create a smooth flow of information across the team; maximizing ED’s involvement in a project or decision-making process at the right moment.
  • Meeting preparation and follow up; reviewing upcoming meetings for the week to ensure ED has all of the information needed to be as productive as possible.

Strategic Initiatives

  • Plan and execute projects on behalf of the ED; ensuring a clear definition of what success looks like for each project and working with others on the team and externally as needed.
  •  Hold senior staff accountable and move projects and change forward. Champion business priorities from conception to completion.
  • Keep track of external and internal opportunities and obligations and help connect the dots between projects and opportunities for the senior team.
  • Develop and oversee the operational infrastructure, systems, and processes that ensure we are hitting our goals; routinely assess and improve these processes and contribute to FRN’s best practices.

Cross-functional and External Communication

  • Effectively represent FRN externally to various stakeholders as needed.
  • Compile reports, ad hoc presentations, briefings, and communications for internal and external stakeholders.
  • Keep a pulse on the organization as a whole and connect the dots cross-functionally.
  • Manage internal processes to facilitate learning and ensure team cohesion, communication, and coordination, including among the broad national team and volunteers.
  • Create cohesion among senior staff and with all staff members. Hear people’s concerns, find commonalities to build a foundation of trust and inspire engagement in FRN’s mission.
Your Skills & Competencies
  • Ability to get things done: You are solutions-oriented, a problem-solver looking for the best solution to whatever challenge you’re confronted with. You don’t wait for instruction. Instead, you proactively look for ways to offer support and be of use. You are a master organizer and planner and consistently look ahead and anticipate needs before they arise.
  • A Humble Leader. You’re an approachable, active listener who inspires trust and confidence from others. Your ego is secondary; you lead by example, embodying the notion of personal responsibility and encouraging others to build on your ideas, challenging them, and expanding them.
  • Strategic mindset: You are analytical and structured in your thinking. You love to build and maintain well-oiled systems and processes. You are a quick study, synthesizing diverse sources of information and able to discern from them a recommended course of action. You are aware of all mission-critical projects and able to connect the dots across the organization.
  • Emotional intelligence: You are self-aware and perceptive. You nurture relationships and can work and communicate well with all kinds of people. You are optimistic, empathetic, flexible, curious, and well-respected by all who work with you, irrespective of title.
  • An Exceptional Communicator: You have excellent oral and written communication skills. You can craft high-quality proposals and presentations, clearly explain complex concepts, and combine intellect and intuition.
  • Loyal and selfless: You are straightforward, honest, and loyal. You are confident enough to be candid and direct and focused enough on efficacy to be comfortable working behind the scenes.
  • Passionate about FRN’s mission and approach: You believe in the ability of FRN to change our culture where recovering food is a normal and accepted practice. 
What You’ll Need 
  • 5+ years of professional experience (we are background agnostic and are excited by candidates with unique and different work histories).
  • Strong project management skills and process improvement experience, alongside an ability to anticipate, prioritize, and manage multiple tasks.
  • Impeccable organization; you are highly detail-oriented, and someone who gets a real sense of satisfaction from producing polished work and managing smooth and orderly processes. 
  • You can practice discretion and have the ability to maintain confidentiality as needed. 
  • A commitment to inclusion. You’re always asking: “whose voice is not at the table?” You have experience working with diverse teams and successfully navigating cross-cultural communication in either local or global contexts, and you deeply value creating a workplace that is supportive of difference. 
The Application Process

To apply, please create a Basic Profile using this link or click the Express Interest button above. The process takes no more than 5 minutes and all you need is your resume.

Individuals who complete the profile by Wednesday, January 22nd will be given priority; therefore, we encourage you to submit yours soon!

When you apply, we kindly ask you to remove your schools from your resume. There is no need to reformat your resume, and you may leave your degree (e.g. “B.A. Economics”). Just remember to remove any undergraduate and graduate school name references where possible. This “bias blind” process is aimed at opening this opportunity to more candidates; reviewing applicants on performance assessments instead of resume proxies (e.g., where you went to school). Lastly, we intentionally do not ask for a cover letter, so we kindly request that you not send one in your application.

Lastly, while this is an option to submit a cover letter, we kindly request that you not submit one as it will not be read.

This evaluation process will follow best practices shown to reduce bias in decision making and may be different from other application processes you have experienced.

Food Recovery Network has engaged Koya Leadership Partners to help in this hire. If you have any questions about this opportunity, please feel free to email Abe Taleb,