Board of Directors

Board of Directors

Four Freedoms Park Conservancy

New York, NY   |   October 7, 2019

About Franklin D. Roosevelt Four Freedoms State Park and Four Freedoms Park Conservancy

Franklin D. Roosevelt Four Freedoms State Park (“the Park”) is New York City’s presidential monument to Franklin D. Roosevelt, a tribute to universal human rights, and an architectural masterpiece designed by Louis Kahn. Located on Roosevelt Island, directly across the East River from the United Nations Headquarters, the Park opened in October 2012. Since then, nearly 1.5 million visitors have been reminded of FDR’s vision of fundamental human rights, the four freedoms: freedom of speech and expression, freedom of worship, freedom from want, and freedom from fear.

Louis Kahn conceived of the Park in 1973 at the request of Governor Nelson Rockefeller; the Park was built posthumously in 2010 and opened to the public in 2012.  Kahn’s great achievement was to create a physical space, inscribed with the language of human rights, as a starting point for sustained personal investigation of the four freedoms. The Park has become the ideal platform for projects and programs that invite the public to explore basic human rights.

This unique presidential monument in the center of New York City is programmed, operated, and maintained by Four Freedoms Park Conservancy (“FFPC”). FFPC has transformed this meaningful space into a beloved and well-used public resource. As New York Times architecture critic Michael Kimmelman declared of the Park in 2012, “It gives New York nothing less than a new spiritual heart.”

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The Opportunity

FFPC seeks the commitment of dedicated and passionate Board Members to add their voices to its purpose through inspired leadership and philanthropy. This moment in history offers a unique opportunity to actively influence and shape the future of the institution as it writes a new chapter of programming and engagement.

FDR’s vision of rights for everyone, “everywhere in the world,” is a call to action, particularly in this moment of fractured political dialogue. FFPC’s Board Members play a vital role in enhancing the Park’s ability to celebrate the American dream and provide a forum for the diverse perspectives of today’s cultural visionaries.

The power of this presidential monument lies in its ability to engage with visitors about the highest aspirations of the American democracy. Informed by FDR’s vision of a world in which four fundamental human freedoms would prevail: freedom of speech and expression, freedom of worship, freedom from want, and freedom from fear, the Board guides the strategic direction of the organization and ensures its financial health.

Success of this endeavor will be determined by the collaboration of leaders and Members to achieve and transcend the following goals:

  • Enable FFPC to move Franklin Roosevelt’s ideas and ideals from history books to everyday conversation and consciousness.
  • Create accessible experiences that inspire thoughtful reflection of the four freedoms at the Park and beyond.
  • Create a platform for artists, activists, and thought leaders to activate and engage new audiences.
  • Attract a broader range of visitors and increase everyday use of the Park.
  • Generate international, national, and local media coverage of the projects to amplify conversation around universal human rights and FDR’s legacy of the four freedoms.

Board Members with a variety of interest and expertise in areas related to FFPC’s mission, including but not limited to human rights, architecture, law, media, journalism, finance, design, and history, are welcome.

Ideal Board Member Profile

Passion for the Mission

We seek exceptional, distinguished, and engaged leaders who bring a sincere passion for what the four freedoms represent and a commitment to protecting these freedoms for generations to come. Board Members will bring a deep commitment to carrying on FDR’s legacy of inclusion and exhibit a rich understanding of strategies that support cultural evolution on these issues. Board Members will evince an interest in developing programming and strategies that promote diversity and inclusion in all communities.

An Enthusiastic and Passionate Ambassador

Board Members will have a natural propensity for engagement with the ability and desire to identify and cultivate prospective relationships on behalf of Four Freedoms Pack Conservancy. Leaders capable of developing a powerful sense of shared purpose in others and motivating them to engage in the work of the organization will be especially attractive. Board Members will also enjoy sharing FFPC’s mission and values widely to increase the institution’s visibility more broadly. Individuals who enjoy fundraising and can enthusiastically convey the organization’s goals to existing and potential donors, including individuals, foundations, corporations, and government agencies are highly desired.

A Strategic and Visionary Leader

At this inflection point, Four Freedoms Park Conservancy is seeking Board Members who will help articulate a vision for the Park’s next chapter in programming, visitor engagement, and site-enhancement. Strong Board Members possess the ability to work thoughtfully and collegially with fellow Board Members and other constituents, while helping to develop a forward-looking plan for how the institution can remain at the forefront of human rights issues.

What This Commitment Entails

Active, engaged Board Membership includes attendance at three annual Board meetings, usually scheduled in March, June and December. Members will identify, cultivate, and steward partners, donors, and the next generation of FFPC stakeholders. Additionally, to indicate a sincere investment in the organization and its mission, a $25,000 annual gift is expected.


Koya Leadership Partners has been exclusively retained for this search. Koya is a retained executive search firm that specializes in mission-driven search. Anne McCarthy, Alison Ranney, and Domino Gehred-O’Connell are leading the engagement. To express your interest in this opportunity please email the team at All inquiries and discussions will be considered strictly confidential.

Four Freedoms Park Conservancy is an equal opportunity employer and strongly encourages expressions of interest from people of color, persons with disabilities, women, and LGBTQ+ applicants.