President & CEO

President & CEO

Food Bank of Contra Costa & Solano

Concord, CA   |   June 27, 2019

The Opportunity:

The Food Bank of Contra Costa & Solano (FBCCS) seeks an experienced President & CEO to push the envelope to achieve the mission and lead the organization into a successful next chapter. With aspirations for growth and increased impact, the President & CEO will deepen FBCCS’s footprint within Contra Costa and Solano counties and beyond.

Reporting to the Board of Directors, the President & CEO will be the leader and chief spokesperson for the Food Bank. They will have responsibility for FBCCS’s programs, fundraising, operations, and staff.
The President & CEO will possess strong management and leadership skills both internally and externally. They will be an effective leader and support a positive and productive internal culture. The President & CEO will also be a trusted leader externally, a fixture of the nonprofit community.

The President & CEO will be a strong advocate for FBCCS and will deepen relationships across the communities of Contra Costa, Solano, and Northern California broadly. The President & CEO will partner and nurture collaborations with staff, agencies, funders, donors, businesses/corporations, volunteers, and the general public to inspire them to support and engage in the work of ending hunger.

Key responsibilities for the President & CEO include:

  • Leading the development and implementation of strategic plans;
  • Acting as the chief spokesperson for the organization, cultivating strong relationships with major donors, corporate and foundation sponsors, clients, stakeholders, volunteers, and with local and state officials;
  • Leading the ongoing operations of the organization, including staff development, programs, logistics, and facilities;
  • Providing oversight for the financial affairs of the organization; monitoring the budget and expenditures;
  • Maintaining a high level of visibility, both internally and externally, to promote the organization’s mission and to gain necessary resources and support;
  • Leading and empowering the staff by leveraging a collaborative culture;
  • Effectively partnering and supporting FBCCS’s senior leaders on the implementation of key program areas;
  • Communicating regularly and openly with the Board and other constituents and exhibiting a high level of diplomacy; and
  • Fostering effective strategic alliances with Feeding America, utilizing the Feeding America network to advance the work of the Food Bank.

Candidate Profile:

The ideal candidate will have the following professional and personal qualities, skills, and characteristics:

A Strategic and Innovative Leader

The President & CEO will be a strategic, visionary, and results-oriented leader who is experienced at articulating and implementing a plan for increased impact in an organization’s next chapter. They will provide focus, long-term direction, and offer creative ideas to amplify the Food Bank. The President & CEO will demonstrate capacity to analyze, synthesize, and integrate information to effectively identify and solve problems and will continuously challenge the status quo. They will be effective at using FBCCS’s platform to deepen impact locally and across the state and will possess a basic understanding of the legislative process and advocacy.

A Fundraiser and Ambassador for the Food Bank

The President & CEO will be an inspirational and charismatic leader who will serve as the chief ‘Ambassador’ for FBCCS. An articulate, informed, and passionate public speaker, they will represent FBCCS in the local community and beyond and will be considered a leader in the nonprofit arena. The President & CEO will be effective at conveying FBCCS’s mission and vision and generating additional support for the Food Bank. They will be an energetic fundraiser and asset developer who will fully embrace this aspect of the role. The President & CEO will bring a creative and entrepreneurial approach to revenue generation, enabling FBCCS to access previously untapped support.

An Experienced Leader and Manager of People

The President & CEO will have a track record of success in organizational management. They will be experienced with operations and finance and will be a proven leader in staff development and Board relations. The President & CEO will engender trust in the staff through a collaborative management style, focused on developing capacity and accountability. The President & CEO will maintain a level of appropriate transparency and leverage cross-departmental strengths. They will demonstrate honestly, sincerity, humility, and respect for individuals while modeling organizational values.

A Relationship Builder and Strong Communicator

The President & CEO will be skilled at building effective relationships across a range of stakeholders. With a high level of emotional intelligence, they will be approachable and able to build productive and fulfilling relationships with the Board, staff, community partners, and other constituents. With excellent written and oral communication skills, the President & CEO will be a strong facilitator, communicator, and collaborator who is skilled at listening to, and learning from, diverse constituents. They will be skilled at developing a powerful sense of shared purpose in others and will possess a strong sense of confidence.

A Passion for the Mission

The President & CEO will be a champion of food security and providing services to those most in need. They will demonstrate and communicate passion for the organization’s core mission and will inspire others. The ideal candidate will have experience in both nonprofit and for-profit business environments. Prior Food Bank experience is a plus but not required. The President & CEO will embody the values embedded within FBCCS’s mission, programs, and work in the broader community. They will be a leader of unquestioned integrity, ethics and values; someone who can be trusted without reservation.

About The Food Bank of Contra Costa & Solano:

An alarming 1 in 8 people within Contra Costa and Solano counties turn to the Food Bank for emergency and supplemental food. 1 in 4 people receiving emergency food are children. The Food Bank of Contra Costa & Solano (FBCCS) is leading the fight for food stability, in partnership with its community and in service of its neighbors in need.

Founded in 1975, FBCCS has two facilities, totaling 70,000 square feet, in Concord and Fairfield, to procure and distribute food and grocery items. With a full-time staff of 80, last year the Food Bank had support from volunteers who donated over 118,000 hours of time – the equivalent of 57 additional full-time employees.

As the 8th largest food bank in the country, FBCCS has an annual operating budget of over $13M, distributing over $42.5M worth of food annually. FBCCS is a registered affiliate of Feeding America.

For more information, please visit FBCCS’s website here.


Koya Leadership Partners, the national executive search firm that works exclusively with mission-driven clients, has been retained for this search. Alexandra Corvin and Ally Johnson are leading the engagement.
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