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About the Doctoroff Business Leadership Program and the University of Chicago Law School:

The University of Chicago Law School, one of the nation’s leading law schools, and the birthplace of law and economics, has recently introduced the Doctoroff Business Leadership Program (the “Program”). Graduates of the University of Chicago Law School play an indispensable role in advising and leading businesses and shaping the economy.  As attorneys, investors, corporate executives, government officials, general counsels and entrepreneurs, graduates shape the law and are at the vanguard of today’s dynamic and global business community. The rigorous analytical training provided at the Law School is a strong preparation for problem solving in any environment. The Doctoroff Business Leadership Program provides a select group of business-oriented law students additional skills and experiences to prepare them for a career either as business lawyers or business executives.

The Doctoroff Business Leadership Program is a certificate-granting program designed to provide University of Chicago Law students with the analytical tools to be preeminent not just in the practice of law, but also in business. The program accepts a select group of University of Chicago Law Students who focus on business education and experiential learning throughout their time at the Law School.

In October 2013, Daniel L. Doctoroff, former CEO of Bloomberg L.P., and his wife, Alisa Doctoroff, president of UJA-Federation of New York, made a $5 million gift to create the Doctoroff Business Leadership Program. This year will mark the third Doctoroff Business Leadership class to be selected. In its short tenure, the Program has already proven to be highly successful and has been recognized as an innovator in the field of legal and business education.

The Program represents an alliance between the University of Chicago’s Booth School of Business and the Law School.  Booth professors teach core business courses at the Law School on an annual basis.  Students enrolled in the Doctoroff Program participate in a unique array of mentorship, internship and enrichment opportunities not normally found in law schools.

Students participating in the program will:

  • Complete a core business curriculum taught by Chicago Booth faculty and Law School faculty (Accounting and Financial Analysis, Corporate and Entrepreneurial Finance, Strategies and Processes of Negotiations, Business Strategy, Marketing and more);
  • Participate in a 3-year mentorship program. Each student is matched with a business mentor who will provide guidance and counseling during the student’s three years;
  • Complete a summer business internship between first and second years. The Law School works with students to identify areas of interest and place students in internships;
  • Participate in enrichment activities and programs focused on business, leadership and entrepreneurship; and
  • Participate in business-oriented experiential learning (the Kirkland & Ellis Corporate Labs, a new tech start-up clinic, the Housing Initiative or Institute for Justice Clinic on Entrepreneurship).

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The University of Chicago Law School, which opened its doors in 1902, has been an innovator in legal education, offering a rigorous and interdisciplinary professional education that blends the study of law with the humanities, the social sciences and the natural sciences.

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The Opportunity:

The Director of the Doctoroff Business Leadership Program will be the Law School’s point person for running the Program, working in close collaboration with the Faculty Director and the Associate Dean for Admissions. S/he will work with the Faculty Director to mount innovative curricular offerings that will prepare Doctoroff students for careers in both business and law and work closely with these students to help ensure their success in both their legal and business goals.

The Director will administer the application process and admit students to the Program, working with the Associate Dean of Admissions. The Director will work with the Law School’s Alumni Affairs Office to identify mentors and internship opportunities and then match up students with these mentors and opportunities. The Director will also organize frequent enrichment activities for Doctoroff students and serve as an advisor, helping students reach their professional goals.

The Director will manage communications and the organization of events integral to the Program, manage the administrative and business functions of the Program and plan, develop and manage budgets for discretionary resources.

In addition, the Director will provide support and management for other leadership and business activities at the Law School, such as workshops and symposia for students, academics and business leaders.

The Director will report to the Law School’s Associate Dean of Admission and Financial Aid and the Faculty Director.  S/he will have frequent access to Dean Michael Schill.

Candidate Profile:

The Director of the Doctoroff Business Leadership Program will be an effective leader with an enthusiastic commitment to the mission of the Program and a passion for helping students achieve their professional goals.  The Director will be able to effectively interface with a range of constituents, including Law and Booth School faculty, administrators, staff, alumni, students and business community leaders.

S/he will have strong credentials in the business world and the ability to leverage connections and build relationships with key business leaders and alumni across industries. An understanding of local, national and global business issues is critical, as is an interest in representing the University of Chicago Law School and working closely with students.

In terms of the performance and personal competencies required for the position, we would highlight the following:

Passion for the Mission: The Director will have a strong understanding of the business world and have an appreciation for how lawyers can successfully add value in business settings. S/he will be enthusiastic about working closely with students and using his or her knowledge of business to help mentor students to achieve their goals. The Director will work tirelessly to support the needs of Doctoroff students and to integrate business opportunities and curriculum into the Law School.

Ambassador for the Program / Relationship Builder: The Director will work to expand the Program’s reach and build relationships with businesses and alumni. S/he will be able to connect with, and build partnerships with, a diverse range of stakeholders, both in the business community and within the Law and Booth Schools. The Director will encourage businesses to engage with the Program and will be effective at initiating contact and representing the goals of the Program. The ideal candidate is an individual of unquestioned integrity, ethics and values; someone who can be trusted without reservation.

A Strategic Communicator and Collaborator: The Director will be an inspirational communicator who can articulate the program’s vision and direction to a wide range of audiences and constituencies. S/he will be a natural collaborator, working across the Law and Booth schools to initiate and grow partnerships. S/he will be able to work seamlessly with the business community and deepen collaborations and establish programs on behalf of the program.  The Director will be a skilled facilitator and will have the ability to inspire and lead an intricate web of constituents often without having direct authority.

A Bachelor’s degree is required and a graduate degree in Business is preferred.


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