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Location: Los Angeles, CA

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About The Lucas Museum of Narrative Art

The Lucas Museum of Narrative Art (LMNA) will serve as the premier public venue for the celebration and exploration of the storytelling tradition in the visual arts. The Museum will be a gathering place for all people to experience narrative art and to trace the evolution of its many forms—from illustration to cinema to the digital media of the 21st century. Narrative art forms can ignite the imagination, evoke powerful emotions, and capture and explore universal cultural truths and mythologies. The Museum will establish a rich educational environment that attracts and engages people from local, national, and international communities.

The Museum’s seed collection—a gift from founder George Lucas—features works of art that have profoundly shaped our cultural heritage. These works, spanning the 19th, 20th, and 21st centuries, are both a testament to the power of narrative images and a window into our constantly evolving social experience. The collection includes fine art, works on paper, comic art, digital art, sculpture, cinematic props, costumes and fashion, and ephemeral materials related to the cinematic arts. Represented artists include N.C. Wyeth, Maxfield Parrish, Jessie Wilcox Smith, Norman Rockwell, Thomas Hart Benton, Beatrix Potter, George Herriman, Egon Schiele, Carl Larsson, R. Crumb, and many others. The foundational collection will continue to grow and evolve as the Lucas Museum strategically acquires additional works and collections.

The Lucas Museum will be housed in an iconic structure designed with sensitivity to its surroundings. An approximately 290,000 SF state-of-the-art facility designed by Ma Yansong of MAD Architects, the Museum will offer collection galleries as well as temporary exhibitions, two cinematic theaters, classroom and workshop spaces, a welcoming library, a café and a restaurant, a museum store, green spaces, and many other visitor amenities. Mr. Lucas and his family foundation will fully fund the costs of building the Museum, and he has committed to endowing the operations of the Museum with at least $400 million in initial operating endowment funds.

The Museum will partner and collaborate with cultural and educational institutions both locally and internationally. The vision of the Museum is to elevate the public’s understanding and appreciation for the narrative arts, their historical and cultural impacts and their role in inspiring people. The Lucas Museum will bring together the most compelling aspects of creativity, scholarship, and current thinking about narrative art and its role in society.

For more information on LMNA, please visit their website here.

The Opportunity

This is a highly specialized opportunity for the right leader to join an exceptional leadership team as Chief Communications Officer, to help establish a unique and prominent new museum. The Lucas Museum is currently in a strategic planning phase as the leadership team lays the groundwork for a successful, high-profile launch in Los Angeles. In partnership with the Lucas family and LMNA’s leadership, the Chief Communications Officer (CCO) will serve a critically important role in creating and guiding the overall branding and messaging for the Museum, and building strong relationships with the community, elected officials, press and media outlets, and peer organizations.

In collaboration with the Founding President and senior leadership, the CCO will provide clear, actionable thought leadership around the Museum’s communications and marketing strategy, and oversee the successful implementation of its disparate pieces. The CCO will have the unique opportunity to create and steward a major brand, positioning the Museum to impact the cultural landscape in Los Angeles and around the world.

Key Responsibilities:

Reporting to the Founding President, the CCO will serve as the institutional leader of all communications activities and marketing initiatives at LMNA, in support of the overall strategic goals of the Museum. The ideal candidate will be strategic and results-driven with strong leadership skills and a proven track record of success in roles of progressively greater responsibility. S/he will have a strong marketing and communications background, excellent relationship-building capabilities, and impeccable organizational skills to complement an entrepreneurial, visionary mindset.

As a key strategic partner to the President and other members of the senior leadership team, the CCO will be relied upon for good business judgment, an analytical mindset, great capacity for flexibility and adaptability to shifting priorities or needs, and sound and influential decision-making abilities. This leader will also be integral in shaping a positive and spirited internal culture and will proactively address opportunities and challenges as the Museum launches in Los Angeles. The CCO will work in tandem with leadership across the organization to develop a strategic vision for how the Lucas Museum communicates across all platforms.

In partnership with the Museum President, Deputy Director and Board leadership, the CCO will:

  • Cultivate meaningful and productive relationships with local, national and international media representatives;
  • Strategize, draft and execute the overall communications and marketing plan for the Museum; including refining and tracking metrics and integration of the brand into all communications.
  • Develop and refine messaging, talking points, and strategy for all Museum communications;
  • Assess and strategize responses to all incoming media requests;
  • Communicate with relevant media and act as Museum spokesperson when appropriate;
  • Represent the Museum to select constituencies, including media, community groups, and public fora;
  • Develop digital and print communications vehicles, in alignment with the Museum’s goals and communications plan;
  • Oversee all social media communications and strategies; and
  • Fulfill other duties as appropriate.

Core Competencies:

The Chief Communications Officer will be a seasoned and accomplished communications and marketing leader with a strong, successful background in managing complex startup environments or major institutional changes. The CCO will be a strategic and tactical collaborator, providing thoughtful direction and feedback during the launch phase of LMNA, and will have a significant role as a part of the Museum’s senior leadership team in advising around a variety of issues as they emerge, including possible crisis communications.

A nimble problem solver with strong attention to detail, the CCO will make sound decisions while prioritizing the long-term goals of LMNA. A creative, expert communicator, the CCO will lead messaging, branding and marketing for the Lucas Museum, guiding the Museum to a successful, supported launch in Los Angeles. The CCO will have relationships with the important stakeholders in Los Angeles, including the media, city officials, film and television industry executives, and prominent community leaders, and have a history of achieving high-impact press placements.

The ideal candidate will have the following competencies and personal characteristics:

Strategic and Visionary Leadership:

As a member of the founding senior leadership team, the Chief Communications Officer (CCO) will be a visionary and strategic leader with the knowledge, foresight and clarity to inform decision-making around communications and marketing, in alignment with the overall goals at each phase of the Museum’s establishment. With at least ten years of progressive responsibility in similar or related roles, the CCO will be nimble in adjusting to shifting priorities and able to balance multiple tasks efficiently and effectively. S/he will anticipate, analyze and interpret complex problems, achieving sustainable, creative solutions, with the flexibility and confidence to participate fully in important debates.

Communications and Marketing Expertise:

The CCO will be an experienced marketing and communications leader with demonstrated success within a complex, high-profile organization undergoing startup or substantive institutional change. Able to provide clarity and perspective in the midst of the complex and disparate moving pieces of the Museum’s launch, the CCO will provide strategic and tactical expertise as a member of LMNA’s senior leadership team. The CCO will be a passionate, proactive advocate for the Museum with media, elected officials and other community leaders, and will create and identify key marketing and public relations opportunities. The CCO should be well versed in crisis management, including the quick assimilation of large volumes of complex material and speedy development and execution of plans.

Exceptional Communicator and Manager:

A persuasive, confident member of the senior leadership team, the CCO will be an engaged, active listener, able to communicate effectively with a broad group of stakeholders and outlets – from Museum attendees and community members to the Museum’s founder and Board. The CCO will be a leader known in the community for honesty, fairness, humor, a willingness to listen, and a keen mind.  This individual will be an advocate for and mentor to staff and peer leadership, creating and identifying opportunities for growth and development.

Relationship Builder and Collaborator:

Critical to success in this role, the CCO will be an individual with strong networks across Southern California, particularly among the region’s media outlets and personalities, the museum and arts community, higher education institutions, and film and television studios and executives. This leader will be adept at building and sustaining excellent relationships with Board members, community leaders, and peer organizations in Los Angeles, and harnessing their professional networks in support of LMNA. As a part of the senior leadership team, this individual will be a key spokesperson for the Museum, able to identify, build and enhance strategic partnerships and leverage them creatively. A natural consensus-builder, the CCO will be comfortable with ambiguity and have the persistence to drive process forward through collaboration and dedication.

Passion for the Mission and Vision:

The CCO will have a true passion for the vision of the Museum, with an understanding and appreciation of the educational weight and impact of important works of art, including those in the Museum’s seed collection. This individual will have a strong sense of ethics, a high degree of integrity and a personal commitment to the success of the LMNA in Los Angeles, with a clear understanding of where the Museum fits in the cultural landscape. The CCO should possess a commitment to shared governance and cultural diversity, and enthusiasm for embracing the regional community. This individual will have a pulse on the demands and trends that may impact the Museum, and will be dedicated to preparing LMNA for continued long-term success.


The Lucas Museum of Narrative Art (LMNA) has engaged Koya Leadership Partners to help in this hire. This search is being led by Michelle R.S. Bonoan and Sheila Hennessey.

Michelle R.S. Bonoan
Managing Director

Sheila Hennessey

Please submit a compelling cover letter and resume here.

Equal Opportunity and Affirmative Action Policy:
LMNA is firmly committed to creating an environment that will attract and retain people of diverse racial and cultural backgrounds. LMNA is committed to prohibiting discrimination, whether based on race, national origin, gender, religion, ethnic background, age, disability, marital status, sexual orientation, or any other criterion prohibited by applicable federal, state, or local laws. LMNA is committed to providing equal opportunity in employment, including the opportunity for upward mobility for all qualified individuals. Applications from minorities, women, veterans and persons with disabilities are encouraged.

About Koya Leadership Partners:

Koya Leadership Partners is a national retained executive search and human capital-consulting firm that works exclusively with nonprofits and social enterprises. We deliver measurable results, finding exceptionally talented people who truly fit the unique culture of our client organizations and ensuring that organizations have the resources and strategies to support them. For more information about Koya Leadership Partners, visit