Champlain College

Burlington, VT   |   October 29, 2019

Summary of Opportunity

This is Champlain College – a proudly innovative, radically pragmatic institution in Burlington, Vermont.

The College is a close-knit community of educators and learners that provides the ideal environment and experiences for students to cultivate big ideas, achieve career success, and define a life of purpose.

The College fuels students’ passion: finding it, focusing it, and nurturing it through academic, professional, and personal opportunities. Champlain graduates flourish. They emerge from the College with the right balance of theory and practice, drawing inspiration from the classroom and developing valuable skills through direct work experience.

The institution’s history is one of constant evolution and reinvention; relentless improvement is part of its essential character. In many respects, each generation experiences a new Champlain College, running far ahead of its former self.

Champlain’s motto is Audeamus – Let Us Dare. Champlain’s transformational moments have been marked by the combination of daring vision and brilliant teamwork. Our community seeks an extraordinary leader, but not one who goes it alone. Our next President will celebrate the talent of the Champlain community, co-create a compelling vision of the future, and support a top-tier team to elevate the institution and accomplish great things. Champlain needs a leader with the drive to turn campus and community conversations into actions so that the College remains on the leading edge of higher education in the 21st century.

The next President will be a spirited and fearless leader who can marry thoughtful collaboration with a bias for action, and who can harness the community’s energy to drive progress  –  a dynamic communicator and energetic ambassador both on and off campus with a demonstrated skill for building relationships and securing philanthropic support – a tireless champion for diversity, equity, and inclusivity – a natural reformer who possesses both higher education foresight and an entrepreneurial spirit, with a business savvy to ensure greater financial stability in the years ahead.

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