Community Foundation of Jackson Hole

Jackson, WY   |   September 10, 2019

About The Community Foundation of Jackson Hole

Established in 1989, the Community Foundation of Jackson Hole (“CFJH” or “the Foundation”) exists to improve lives through philanthropic leadership by providing superior donor services, making grants that positively impact the community, ensuring the sustainability of Jackson Hole’s philanthropic community, and acting as a leader, catalyst and resource.

The Foundation is an active and engaged community funder, consistently ranked at the top amongst other community foundations for per-capita giving, per-capita granting and transactional volume. The Foundation is especially engaged in its hands-on support of local nonprofits with financial and technical support while also sharing extensive knowledge of local needs and organizations with interested donors.

Since inception, donors have relied on the Foundation’s experienced staff to assist with current and planned giving by simplifying administration and providing insight about community needs. The Foundation manages $70 million in assets and serves over 200 local nonprofit organizations focusing on the following areas: Arts, Civic Involvement, Education, Conservation & Environment, Health & Human Services, and Recreation. The Foundation has nine full-time and one part-time staff members. In 2018, over 300 volunteers gave their time.

The Foundation is best known for Old Bill’s Fun Run, the collaborative fundraiser that helps local nonprofits raise operating funds. Twenty-two years ago, an anonymous, philanthropic couple, fondly known as Mr. and Mrs. Old Bill, envisioned a collaborative event to support local nonprofits. For the first time, organizations came together in an efficient, unified fundraiser that raised awareness of community needs.

In 2018, Old Bill’s Fun Run raised more than $13M from more than 3800 donors. Old Bill’s has brought an astounding $159 million philanthropic dollars to the Jackson Hole community. These funds are busy feeding the hungry, supporting the sick and elderly, teaching kids to read, protecting wildlife, building affordable housing, enriching lives through the arts and touching the lives of everyone in Teton County.

The Foundation provides the following programs and resources, among others:

  • Competitive Grants – The Foundation Grants Committee makes awards based on community impact and organizational capacity.
  • Expertise on Nonprofits and Resources – Provides consultation on local nonprofits, Nonprofit List Serve, Board Member Workshops, Nonprofit Directory, Salary Survey and Volunteer Jackson Hole.
  • Expertise on Philanthropy for Wealth Advisors – Consulting with individuals to develop planned giving options, choose optimal fund types, and provide comparisons of advantages of community foundations vs. private foundations as philanthropic vehicles for achieving effective tax and estate planning.

For more information on the Community Foundation of Jackson Hole, please visit its website:

The Opportunity

After 13 years of leadership, current President Katharine Conover will retire in 2020. This is the rare opportunity to take the helm of a vibrant and healthy organization and steer it into the future. There is a wealth of staff and volunteer talent, strong community involvement, partnerships with numerous organizations, a fully vested Board of Directors and a broad base of donor support. The next President & CEO will have the unique opportunity to build on this success supported by a team of seasoned, tenured staff.

Reporting to the Board of Directors, the President leads and directs the advancement and fulfillment of the Foundation’s mission. S/he is ultimately responsible for all aspects of the Foundation’s work, including development, public relations, philanthropic services, financial management, program development and management and grantmaking. The President has five primary areas of responsibilities: strategic direction and initiatives; fundraising and resource development; board relations and development; community relations; and executive management.

Key responsibilities of the President include the following:

Strategic Direction and Initiatives

  • Work cooperatively with the Board to establish current and long-term Foundation strategies and goals.
  • Prepare action plans to implement identified strategies and achieve goals, developing and managing the requisite resources.
  • Report regularly to the Board on the Foundation’s status and progress toward achieving its goals and strategies.
  • Lead the Board and staff in identifying and implementing strategic initiatives that expand the Foundation’s capacity to serve the community.
  • Facilitate ongoing conversations and develop organizational steps toward a greater commitment to equity and diversity.

Fundraising and Resource Development

  • Lead and oversee all asset development including cultivation and stewardship of current and prospective donors, coordinating support from the Board, Executive Vice President/Chief Financial Officer, and the Vice President of Philanthropic Services.
  • Oversee creation, implementation and maintenance of the Foundation’s stewardship plan, including identification, solicitation, acknowledgment, retention and appreciation of potential and existing Old Bill’s Fun Run Co-Challengers and direct donors to the Foundation.
  • Ensure timely application and reporting for grants from corporations and private foundations, as needed.

Board Relations and Development

  • Establish and foster a strong partnership with the Board of Directors, engaging them as critical thought partners and key advisors.
  • Facilitate governance best practices through effective communication and collaboration with the Board.
  • Assist the Board in setting policy and making decisions by identifying key issues, providing relevant information, and recommending appropriate strategies.
  • Work closely and maintain regular communication with the Board Chair to monitor the overall health of the Foundation and ensure appropriate policy development.
  • Work closely with the Executive and Board Development Committees to adopt appropriate and realistic expectations for Board members and monitor Board member compliance.
  • Work with the Board Development Committee to identify community members to serve as committee and Board members.
  • Oversee comprehensive orientation for all new committee and Board members to ensure that they quickly become contributing participants.

Community Relations

  • Serve as the primary spokesperson for the Foundation, making presentations as needed and publicly representing the Foundation.
  • Promote and stimulate philanthropy in Jackson Hole by cultivating donor relationships, fostering public awareness and understanding of the Foundation, and participating in and/or supporting the work of other local nonprofits to address needs in the community.
  • Foster relationships between the Foundation and community leaders, local nonprofit staff and board members, donors, potential donors and other key stakeholders.
  • Oversee all marketing and communications to promote the Community Foundation’s work. 

Executive Management

  • Foster a culture of equity and inclusion in which all team members feel valued, have opportunities for continued professional development, receive timely evaluations, and are recognized and receive appropriate compensation.
  • Work with the Chief Financial Officer to forecast the Foundation’s future needs and direction, implementing internal policies and allocating resources to achieve those goals.
  • Work with the Chief Financial Officer to oversee on the Foundation’s financial management and investment functions to ensure prudent management and accountability to the community, donors, grantees, and the Board.
Candidate Profile

The ideal candidate will have the following personal and professional qualities, skills and characteristics:

Strategic and Visionary Leader

The President is a strategic leader who, in partnership with the Board, sets and clearly articulates a vision for the Foundation and how it can effectively deploy its human and financial assets to better the Jackson Hole community. S/he is skilled at strategic planning and the process needed to engage staff, Board members and the community in developing and vetting a strategic plan that has broad support. The next President will engage donors and address community needs while ensuring adequate staff and financial capacity are in place to succeed.

Ambassadorship, Fundraising and Asset Development

The President is skilled at building valued relationships with donors and philanthropists while ensuring the Foundation significantly grows its asset base. S/he is able to inspire and motivate staff and the Board in implementing a sound, strategic development plan. The ideal candidate will work closely with donors in achieving their philanthropic wishes while helping these donors understand the needs of the community.

The next President is skilled in identifying community assets – institutional, human and financial – to meet the needs of Jackson Hole’s residents. This requires a leader with a collaborative work ethic who knows how to actively and strategically seek partnerships and build coalitions with other foundations, nonprofit organizations, community agencies and leaders on behalf of the strategic vision of the Foundation.  A successful candidate will be able to assess and inspire best practices across the Jackson Hole philanthropic community.

Board Development & Leadership 

The ideal candidate will be experienced at building and supporting a highly productive Board. S/he will guide the Board in meeting its governance responsibilities in a productive, efficient and gratifying manner.  The President brings experience identifying and cultivating diverse Board members who will bring the skills, connections and commitment needed to advance the Foundation’s goals.

Nonprofit Management

The President possesses strong staff and financial management experience and exceptional verbal and written communication skills. S/he has a track record of sound financial planning, oversight and accountability, which includes the ability to clearly communicate financial status to the Board. S/he brings strong staff management experience with the proven ability to build and inspire a diverse and highly effective staff. The President is creative and comfortable encouraging the use of all forms of communication to reach diverse audiences effectively and efficiently.

Passion for the Mission

The President will have a true commitment to strengthening the Jackson Hole community through philanthropy. Working in close collaboration with the staff and Board, s/he will work to ensure the Foundation has the greatest positive impact on the community. S/he will exhibit humility, a capacity to listen and dedication to the mission. It is imperative that he or she treats others with respect and always stays true to the values of the Foundation. Moreover, the ideal candidate is an individual of unquestioned integrity, ethics and values.

Current residency in Jackson, WY is not required though the successful candidate will be expected to live there full-time.


Koya Leadership Partners, a national retained executive search firm that works exclusively with mission-driven clients, has been exclusively retained for this search. Anne McCarthy is leading the engagement.

To express interest in this role, please email Anne directly at All inquiries and discussions will be considered strictly confidential.