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About The Cadasta Foundation:

Based in Washington D.C., the Cadasta Foundation was launched in 2014 on the belief that where individuals and communities are able to document their property rights, their quality of life improves, and communities become more sustainable.

Cadasta provides technical assistance and access to simple-to-use digital tools to help individuals, organizations, communities, and governments efficiently document, digitize, analyze, store, and protect land and resource rights information.

Rights that are publicized are strengthened and can be used to advocate for services, can support improved productivity and economic investments and can underpin citizenship. This is particularly true of informal rights for vulnerable populations but many players including small island states do not have the resources to establish effective land management systems. Further, the sector is currently fragmented and Cadasta believes the time is right for consolidations, realignments, and re-positioning of key players and stakeholders for greater global impact.

Cadasta Foundation works directly with partners around the world that seek to document and incrementally strengthen the land and resource rights of individuals and communities. The Cadasta team, composed of specialists in information technology, property rights, and surveying provide guidance to its partners in mapping and data collection approaches, requirements for spatial accuracy and data collection, the selection of hardware and software tools based on expected outputs, and utilizing the Cadasta platform and associated tools for managing data. Further development of the Cadasta platform and associated tools is underway and is driven directly by partner interactions and feedback, with new features requests and design requirements emerging based on input from users.

The Cadasta Platform

The Cadasta Platform is a secure, open access, hosted suite of mobile and web-based tools designed to help the organization’s partners collect, analyze, store, and share data on land and resource rights, which can be integrated seamlessly with a variety of other digital data collection tools. Designed to capture multi-layered information about people’s relationship to land and resources, Cadasta’s platform offers robust and flexible storage for complex data, including GPS coordinates, footage from drones, digital maps, video interviews, photographs, paper attestations, tax receipts, etc.

Cadasta at its core is built on top of a robust API (Application Program Interface, a set of routines, protocols, and tools for building software applications). This allows integration into existing tools such as GeoODK, QGIS and Field Papers. Cadasta’s partners determine with whom and how their data is shared through custom filters that operate behind a secure firewall.

For more information on The Cadasta Foundation, please visit here.

The Opportunity:

Cadasta is seeking an experienced and mission-aligned Chief Executive Officer (CEO) to lead the organization going forward. The CEO supported by a very strong and experienced Board of Directors will lead Cadasta as it pivots from its initial design and lessons learned phase to the growth phase ahead. This will involve confirmation of core strategy, development of technical assistance capability, finalizing the elements of the technology platform, and scaling up and implementing programs with partners around the world. The CEO will also lead the development of the organization’s fundraising strategy to identify and obtain diversified funding streams for sustainability.

Key Responsibilities:

As the leader of a small team composed of land specialists, technologists, and support staff, the CEO will be responsible for setting the long term strategic direction of the organization, driving the technology process, leading the strategy in partner engagement and support, and aligning, raising, and stewarding resources.

Leadership and Operations

  • Hires, manages, and develops exceptional talent and promotes a culture that reflects the organizational values, encourages good performances, and rewards productivity and innovation.
  • Establishes and promotes a positive, multicultural work environment that supports consistency throughout the organization’s strategy, operational methods, and data collection needs.
  • Creates and maintains procedures for implementing plans approved by the board including compliance with legal and regulatory requirements.
  • Ultimately ensures the development and delivery of technical assistance and the technology platform.


  • Drives all aspects of Cadasta’s fundraising from the support of current operations and programs to the development of future initiatives. Proactively cultivates institutional and individual supporters, which includes engaging with and stewarding benefactors and prospective donors, government agencies, foundations, and other organizations that provide support to Cadasta.
  • Serves as the primary spokesperson and representative of Cadasta, and as a primary contact in donor relationships.
  • Assures that Cadasta and its mission, programs, and services are consistently presented in a strong, positive image to relevant stakeholders.
  • Positions Cadasta within the global industry and engage in land rights advocacy in accordance with board approval.

Working with Board of Directors

  • Collaborates with the board to define and articulate the organizational vision and develop strategies and short- and long-term plans (goals and objectives) for delivering on the vision.
  • Creates budgets, annual operating plans and metrics that support the strategic direction set by the board aligned to optimize performance and assess impact.
  • Monitors the industry and monitors Cadasta performance updating board with open and regular communications.

Financial Management

  • Oversees development of annual budgets that support operating plans and submits budgets for board approval.
  • Manages Cadasta performance against budgets, annual operating plans and metrics.
  • Provides financial and operations data to keep the board regularly and appropriately informed.

Core Competencies:

The successful candidate for the role of Chief Executive Officer at the Cadasta Foundation will have an international development background and experience creating and/or leading effective, high-performing teams and organizations. The ideal candidate will have extensive experience working with emerging markets and international developing communities, including having lived overseas.

The CEO will be highly-energetic and passionate, with a track record of achievement in previous leadership roles, creativity around fundraising, and demonstrated business acumen. A seasoned manager, the ideal candidate will have experience leading international teams and will be able to execute on strategy through active collaboration.

With an authentic belief in Cadasta’s mission and a strong connection to the organization’s vision for vulnerable communities internationally, this leader will be persuasive and inspiring in representing the organization to stakeholders of all types. The CEO will be a strong and natural relationship-builder, skilled at collaborating within complex internal and external environments, and a highly effective fundraiser to all funding sources.

This is an ideal opportunity for leaders from the private sector and technology fields with international experience to lead a nonprofit at a critical stage of growth. The CEO will have the innate capabilities to provide key leadership with an overall strategic plan and development strategy, and be able to work seamlessly in partnership with an engaged, international Board of Directors. Able to successfully lead Cadasta’s operations – including the platform and suite of digital tools – the ideal candidate will be a natural learner and effective communicator, skilled and comfortable with technology and systems. Experience in land and property use rights, land administration, and related technologies is a plus.

Highly competitive candidates will demonstrate the following core competencies:

Strategic and Visionary Leadership: The CEO must be a strategic leader and visionary thinker who will have the drive and passion to continue to develop new and unique opportunities to serve the mission of the Cadasta Foundation. Experienced and successful at navigating change in an inclusive and comprehensive manner, this leader will formulate and translate ideas into actionable plans with effective planning and measurable results. The CEO will have proven and successful experience in program leadership, personnel and budget management, resource development, and external relations. A transformational leader, the CEO will offer creative ideas to adapt, strengthen and diversify (when appropriate) Cadasta’s programs and partnerships to address the changing needs of the communities the organization serves, and the partnerships that are core to Cadasta’s operations.

Fundraising: The CEO will be a high-energy, charismatic leader who will serve as Cadasta’s chief fundraiser, in addition to serving as a key face and voice of the organization’s work. This leader will be a confident public speaker and a natural relationship builder who inherently enjoys the external side of the role, working to inspire enthusiastic engagement and broader and deeper interest in the organization. Successful in generating support from all stakeholders, the CEO will represent Cadasta in the government and civic arenas and will be comfortable, credible and effective at conveying the organization’s mission and vision in any setting. The CEO will believe deeply in building and nurturing a robust network of relationships and partnerships to foster collaboration and advance Cadasta’s mission.

Change Management and Business Acumen: The CEO will be a hands-on manager with a track record of success in transformational organizational management. With the gravitas to affect meaningful change, the CEO will build, develop and lead a diverse and high-performing team of professionals. The CEO will establish an inclusive team environment, including for team members based internationally, and will establish priorities, set goals, and maintain timelines to achieve quantifiable and qualitative outcomes. This leader will understand and implement best-in-class nonprofit management practices, ensuring that overall day-to-day operations are streamlined and aligned with overall strategic goals. The CEO will build and maintain a robust and thoughtful partnership with the Board and will ensure fiduciary responsibility and sound financial management practices and accountability are maintained across the organization.

Exceptional Communication; Collaboration and Relationship-Building: The CEO must possess a confident presence with the ability to demonstrate immediate credibility and engender the respect of others, both internally and externally. This leader will be an engaged and active listener and a skilled collaborator, and will endeavor to connect, build bridges and sustain excellent relationships with existing and potential partners, government officials, and funders. The CEO will be an excellent communicator with all stakeholders, including policy leaders, team members, potential donors, technicians and community leaders. The CEO will be consultative, promoting open dialogue with team members to identify best practices, and proactive in addressing the impacts of change.

Passion for the Mission and Vision: The CEO will have a passion for the mission, and this leader will be culturally sensitive with a clear vision and genuine commitment to the communities served. Driven by a desire to create opportunities for economic self-sustainability for low-income and disconnected communities around the world, the CEO will have a clear and informed understanding of the complex issues that affect these communities.


The Cadasta Foundation has engaged Koya Leadership Partners to help in this hire. This search is being led by Michelle Bonoan and Stephen Milbauer. Please submit a compelling cover letter and resume here, or email Michelle and Stephen at the following:

Michelle R.S. Bonoan
Managing Director

Stephen Milbauer

An Equal Opportunity Employer: The Cadasta Foundation does not and shall not discriminate in employment on the basis of race, color, religion (creed, gender, gender expression, age, national origin (ancestry), disability, marital status, sexual orientation, or military status.

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