Chief Executive Officer

Chief Executive Officer

The Association of Asian American Investment Managers (AAAIM)

Flexible, Major U.S. City   |   January 29, 2020

About the Association of Asian American Investment Managers

The Association of Asian American Investment Managers (AAAIM) is at the forefront of promoting ethnic and gender diversity within the investment industry.

Since its founding in 2006, AAAIM has developed a reputation as a pioneering force in driving diversity and inclusion among investment professionals as an alliance of prominent and successful Asian American leaders.

Dedicated to the advancement of Asian Americans & Pacific Islanders (AAPIs) in the field of investment management, AAAIM is the nation’s leading conduit between the talent, experience, and skills of Asian American investment professionals and institutional investors. The mission of AAAIM is to provide opportunities, resources and access to AAPI investment managers.

With an investment industry challenged by a lack of diverse executive leadership, AAAIM provides a forum for professionals in the industry to meet, network and create business opportunities.

AAAIM is recognized as the national voice of AAPI investment managers and the only national organization with deep access to the AAPI investment community. AAAIM regularly brings together industry leaders to meet, learn about current trends and issues from experts, and gain access to national and international institutional investors.

AAAIM’s expansive network of seasoned and rising investment managers handles an aggregate of approximately $100 billion in assets under management.

AAAIM’s efforts center around four major pillars:

  • Supporting diversity and fair access in investment management;
  • Supporting Asian American leaders in their firms as they climb the corporate ladder;
  • Engaging and supporting investment managers who choose an entrepreneurial path and focus on starting their own firms; and
  • Helping young professionals advance their career by introducing them to peers and potential mentors.

A critical part of AAAIM’s mission is to help emerging professionals grow and develop their careers in investment management. AAAIM helps accelerate the development and growth of early and mid-career AAPIs, as well as MBA students, by introducing mentors and mentees to each other so they can forge relationships and grow with each other’s successes. AAAIM is the bridge between emerging young professionals and the leaders who can guide and assist in the advancement of their careers.

Known for its contagious and inspiring spirit, AAAIM’s network continues to grow as the organization increases engagement and awareness of its mission.

Looking ahead, AAAIM has ambitious plans for the future. The organization is well poised for its next leader, who will guide its continued success and bold, pioneering leadership for AAPI investment managers.

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The Chief Executive Officer Opportunity

The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) has primary responsibility for the leadership, strategy, operational management, annual planning, budgeting, and day-to-day activities of AAAIM.

The CEO will collaborate with the Board to set the vision and strategic direction for AAAIM. The CEO will work with the Board, Vice President and key stakeholders to develop and implement the strategic plan that will drive growth among its community of AAPI investment managers.

The CEO is responsible for the overall fiscal management and stability of the organization through prioritizing resources and ensuring accountability for execution of organizational goals and objectives.

The CEO represents AAAIM to the membership, public and key stakeholders. The role demands dynamic and excellent verbal and written communication skills—visible through being AAAIM’s key spokesperson on various advocacy issues and mobilizing partners effectively. Using multiple communication and media channels, the CEO must also be able to speak convincingly about AAAIM’s strategic vision and associated advocacy issues. This requires the CEO to be attuned to, familiar and facile with evolving developments in diversity and inclusion in the investment management industry, national industry trade organizations like AAAIM and in corporate America generally, including published white papers.

The CEO will lead strategic initiatives and have familiarity with forming partnerships with public and private sectors, creating awareness campaigns and supporting the membership as they achieve their professional ambitions.

The CEO will partner with the Board to develop growth strategies and implementation plans, ensure successful execution of those plans and subsequent revenue growth. The CEO will also provide direction to the Vice President, who overseas fundraising, sponsorship and events.

Keys to success include:

  • Championing a culture of collaboration, open communications and partnership;
  • Embodying a clear, inspiring vision and translating strategy into effectively executed plans;
  • Overseeing revenue goals and strong fundraising success, with the support of the Vice President;
  • Representing AAAIM to its membership, investment and civic communities and acting as an ‘Ambassador’ in various public and private settings; and
  • Engaging AAAIM’s stakeholders, including the Board of Directors and external stakeholders, in ideation, collaboration and partnership development, thereby positioning the organization for long-term, sustainable success.
Candidate Profile

The ideal candidate will have the following qualities, skills and characteristics:

Relationship Builder and Collaborator

The CEO will have the ability to inspire the membership, the Board and the investment communities AAAIM serves to achieve new heights for the organization. The CEO will have an inspirational approach to building collaboration and buy-in and generating support from stakeholders. A master convener, the CEO will be a charismatic leader who can establish rapport and open communication with all constituents and successfully convey AAAIM’s mission and objectives. In achieving AAAIM’s vision, the CEO will strengthen and grow an empowered community of AAPI investment professionals. An engaging and supportive leader, the CEO will have a track record of motivating and inspiring others to achieve impact through collaboration and by leveraging individual strengths to meet organizational goals.

Business Acumen and Leadership

An effective “big picture” strategist and leader, the CEO will take a consultative approach to evolve the vision of the organization for the future while celebrating the history of its positive impact. Skilled at focusing on the strategic levers to drive the organization in the right areas, the CEO will understand the importance of effective operational and financial administration. The CEO will have the ability to make decisions swiftly and set priorities, delegate responsibilities, assure accountability and allocate resources to ensure results. A tactical leader, the CEO will have a strong business orientation and an ability to use metrics to drive business decisions and achieve strategic objectives. This leader will instinctively ‘get ahead of the curve’ by anticipating needs and threats – and will craft a strategy to address those while achieving AAAIM’s mission.

Ambassador for AAAIM

The CEO will be the public face of AAAIM and serve as its “ambassador” to the membership, policymakers, investment leaders and other stakeholders. The CEO will be a charismatic, credible, high-energy executive and a respected leader. The successful candidate will have an executive and genuine presence. This leader will have the ability to eloquently promote and convey AAAIM’s mission to a diverse range of constituents – generating support and inspiring action. As the lead spokesperson and chief fundraiser for AAAIM, the CEO will inspire trust and confidence from industry leaders. The CEO will also excel at working in partnership with the Board, Vice President and the membership, as appropriate, to develop new strategies that will enhance AAAIM’s brand equity and reputation in the field.

Connection to the Mission

Fully embracing the mission of AAAIM, the CEO will be a bold thinker with a laser focus and unwavering commitment to achieve the goals of the organization. An advocate of the AAPI community, the CEO will be motivated by a personal mission and intrinsic desire to support the growing ‘family’ of AAPI investment professionals. The CEO’s eye will consistently focus on the future and how to best adapt and grow AAAIM in this changing field. The CEO will be an empathic and charismatic leader who treats others with respect. The ideal candidate will be an individual of unquestioned integrity, ethics and values; someone who can be trusted without reservation.


Marissa Martin and Chartise Clark of Koya Leadership Partners have been exclusively retained for this search. To express your interest in this role, please submit your materials here or email the team directly at All inquiries and discussions will be considered strictly confidential.

AAAIM is an equal opportunity employer and strongly encourages applications from people of color, persons with disabilities, women, and LGBTQ+ applicants.

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