Tammea Tyler

Tammea Tyler
Placed Leader

Tammea Tyler

Vice President of Operations and Finance
Borealis Philanthropy

September 23, 2019

Koya Leadership Partners is delighted to have placed Tammea Tyler as the next Vice President of Operations and Finance of Borealis Philanthropy.

With more than 20 years of experience as an operations and program leader, Tammea most recently served as the Chief Operations Officer for Black Women’s Blueprint (BWB) and Museum of Women’s Resistance, supporting operations, systems development, fund development, grant management, finance, and human resources.

Prior to BWB, Tammea spent 15 years as an Executive and Vice President at various YMCA/YWCA’s. As an operations leader, Tammea has managed budgets in excess of $75M, developing new budget processes, HR systems and leading IT system conversions. She has provided direct support to finance, human resources and grants management for start-up, remote, local, national and international organizations. Tammea spearheaded the first-ever Diversity Conference for over 1,000 professionals of color to advance their careers and was selected to partner with the Obama Administration on two separate projects, most notably a racial equity project between the US and South Africa.

Tammea’s passion for social justice and advocacy regarding racial injustice, gender-based violence and child rights has been a driving force through her professional journey in both the nonprofit and philanthropic sectors. Her work in racial justice took shape and expanded after a notable partnership with the Commission on Human Rights, where she developed and led the commemoration of the 50th Anniversary of Brown vs. Board of Education.

Tammea holds her B.A in Education/Children’s Studies with a concentration in Children’s Rights, a Masters’ Degree in Social Work (cum laude) with a major in Community Organizing, a specialization certificate in Global Social Work and work with refugees and immigrants and a concentration in Child Trauma and Sexual Violence. She is also working on an MBA with a major in International Business.

Tammea values self-care and enjoys coaching staff to achieve personal and professional goals. In her spare time, she enjoys the company of her family, including her two children and Husky dog, volunteering and working out. She is an avid supporter of the arts and loves to incorporate arts, wellness and fun into work-life culture.