Jennifer Servedio

Placed Leader

Jennifer Servedio

Chief Information Officer
Susquehanna University

September 29, 2019

Koya Leadership Partners is pleased to announce the placement of Jennifer Servedio as Chief Information Officer of Susquehanna University.

In her new role, Servedio will be responsible for developing and implementing comprehensive information technology strategies and revamping institutional project governance. Servedio will work in partnership with key stakeholders to streamline business processes and to help administrators identify technology solutions that deliver on strategic priorities.

Prior to joining Susquehanna, Servedio was the Director of Budget and Strategic Planning in Colgate University’s Office of Information Technology and also served as the Interim CIO. Servedio began working at Colgate as a help desk technician and steadily rose through the ranks.

Throughout her time at Colgate, Servedio dedicated herself to efforts around diversity, inclusion, and equity, serving on a variety of campus task forces and committees that helped to improve campus hiring and retention policies.

She co-founded the NY6 Women in Technology group, which brought together women working at the NY6 Consortium of Liberal Arts Colleges, and, as Colgate’s institutional representative for the NYS ACE Women’s Network, she co-founded the Colgate Women’s Leadership Forum (ColgateWoLF), which is committed to supporting women in their lives and careers by offering personal and professional development opportunities.

In 2018, Servedio was honored with the New York State ACE Catalyst Award in recognition of her work to develop and promote the advancement of women in higher education in New York state.

Servedio earned her bachelor’s degree in technology network administration from Morrisville State College, Morrisville, New York, and her master’s degree in information management from Syracuse University, Syracuse, New York.

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