Jarvis Dortch

Placed Leader

Jarvis Dortch

Executive Director
ACLU of Mississippi

July 21, 2020

Koya’s partnership with ACLU of Mississippi has resulted in the placement of Jarvis Dortch as Executive Director.

The ACLU of MS is dedicated to promoting, defending, and extending civil liberties to all Mississippians with emphasis on issues related to criminal justice reform, educational opportunities, equal access/equality for all, voter rights, and governmental transparency and accountability. We accomplish our mission through legislation, litigation, and advocacy.

Dortch has represented the people of District 66 since 2016. While in the legislature he served on the Agriculture, Education, Insurance, Medicaid, and Public Health committees. Prior to his election, he directed the Mississippi Health Advocacy Program’s statewide consumer assistance program and led a coalition of advocates, providers, and federal officials to promote and advance health insurance enrollment under the Affordable Care Act.

An alumnus of Jackson State University and Mississippi College School of Law, Dortch has worked in private legal practice as well as in policy, advocacy, and social justice work across the state of Mississippi.

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