Turner Delano – Appreciating the Service of our Veterans

In honor of Thanksgiving and Giving Tuesday, we are honored to share our teams’ Passion Project stories of Gratitude through Service. Happy #ThankfulNovember #TheRightPerson #KoyaGratitude

Name of your Passion Project: 

American Heroes Saltwater Challenge: Provides an all-expense paid trip to Martha’s Vineyard to recovering veterans and their families on an annual basis.

Why American Heroes Saltwater Challenge?

I support the American Heroes Saltwater Challenge because I believe that those who have bravely served our Nation deserve our warm welcome and support.

The American Heroes Saltwater Challenge is honored to provide our recovering heroes with an all-expense paid trip to Martha’s Vineyard for some world-class fishing, great food, a little rest & the grateful fellowship of an entire island. For the eighth year, the organization was able to provide this life-affirming experience for six veterans and their loved ones. 

Why this Matters:

In addition to donating to the organization, I also act as a coordinator for this event. Koya’s generous contribution on my behalf provided travel for a veteran. The impact of this event is evident in the messages we receive from our Saltwater Heroes – here is one from a young father of four:

“I wanted to thank you again for inviting my family to the Saltwater Challenge last fall. It has changed everything in my life. To be honest before the trip I couldn’t find peace and stay happy – I was an emotional rollercoaster. But while on the trip, I found a way to relax and have fun for the first time in a very long time. Thank you all very much for sharing your time with us. It has helped me find what I needed to become a better husband, a better father and a better man.”