Steps Nonprofits Must Take Before Launching a Senior Hire


Steps Nonprofits Must Take Before Launching a Senior Hire

Resignations often happen when we least expect it, and when they come from senior leaders, it’s perceived as a significant loss for the organization. The announcement that a senior leader has decided to move on often results in a mix of negative emotions for many of the employees left behind: Stress, worry, and even panic, especially for those who are responsible for finding a replacement. Many questions arise: How much of my time will go into finding a replacement? Who will be responsible for the work when this person leaves? How long will it take to find a replacement? How will the loss of this individual affect our nonprofit organization?

If all of this sounds familiar, you’re not alone. According to a 2013 Nonprofit Employment Trends Survey by Nonprofit HR Solutions, the more senior the position, the longer it takes to find a replacement—with the majority taking more than 91 days. Nonprofits also experience difficulties in finding qualified staff who fit the organization’s particular requirements and salary level, the study said.

For expert advice on preparing for a senior hire from Koya Leadership Partners Founder and CEO Katie Bouton, read her recent article published in NonProfit Hub.

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