Sam Simmons – Supporting After School Programs in My Community

In honor of Thanksgiving and Giving Tuesday, we are honored to share our teams’ Passion Project stories of Gratitude through Service. Happy #ThankfulNovember #TheRightPerson #KoyaGratitude

Name of your Passion Project: 

Boys & Girls Club of Medford & Somerville: Inspires and enables all young people, especially those who need it most, to reach their full potential as caring, productive and responsible citizens.

Why Boys & Girls Club of Medford & Somerville?

I was paired with Boys & Girls Club of Medford & Somerville through the Net Impact Boston Board Fellows program. I am co-leading an alumni engagement project with another Fellow. BGCMS was my choice because of their focus on accessible youth programming and because they serve the community in which I live (Medford).

Why this Matters:

I am a product of after-school programming and know how these programs can positively influence and benefit students who would not ordinarily have the opportunity. Thanks to Koya’s generosity and support through the Passion Project program, my donation will support the internal operations of both clubs (Somerville and Medford).