Open Letter from Social Entrepreneurs to President Trump

I have joined more than 400 leaders of well-respected and impactful organizations, including many Koya clients, to collectively express opposition to Executive Order 13769—the Immigration Executive Order banning individuals from seven Muslim-majority countries from entering the United States, issued several weeks ago.

As the Trump administration considers its next steps which may include issuing a new executive order, it remains pertinent that the voices of civil society are heard. The organizations these leaders represent are on the front lines of social change every day, working in countries around the world to promote opportunity, sustainability, and peace. The President’s Executive Order is a setback for their work on behalf of marginalized people not only in the seven countries currently affected but, by eroding trust in America, around the world. The full text of the letter, along with the list of more than 400 signatories, is posted on Medium here: