North Star Fund Announces Jennifer Ching as New Executive Director

Koya Leadership Partners congratulates North Star Fund on naming Jennifer Ching as incoming Executive Director. Koya was delighted to partner with North Star Fund on this successful search.

Based in New York City, North Star Fund is a community foundation working to create a more just and equitable city, through donor engagement, grants, and programs for grassroots community organizations based in the New York City area.

Ms. Ching joins North Star Fund after years of dedicated service and remarkable leadership at Queens Legal Services, the largest community-based legal provider in New York City. Ching was integral in shaping the organization’s vision of legal service provision and grassroots organizing, working together to advance immigrant rights, anti-racism, and economic and housing justice.

As a movement lawyer after 9/11, Ching litigated the first case with the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) and Center for Constitutional Rights to obtain government information on torture and illegal detention at Guantánamo. During her time in the private sector, she represented Guantánamo prisoners and brought challenges to the government’s abuses against them.

In the policy arena, Ching designed and advanced critical public policy projects as Director of New York Appleseed to build stronger financial literacy, investment, and health access in immigrant communities across the region. She has worked with communities directly affected by oppression and inequity to design and deliver solutions that change the daily realities they face. As a Skadden Fellow, she founded New Jersey’s first immigrant workers’ rights project supporting low-wage workers in the “hidden” informal economies of the suburbs.

A woman of color and daughter of immigrants, Ching’s vision of a just and more equitable city emerges from firsthand experiences of racism, xenophobia, and an unjust economic system. In her own words, “In a time of great uncertainty, our call to action is to fight harder and smarter to protect marginalized and vulnerable communities.

Read the full press release here: North Star Fund Announces New Executive Director.