Miecha Forbes – Equalizing Access to Education for Middle School Students

In honor of Thanksgiving and Giving Tuesday, we are honored to share our teams’ Passion Project stories of Gratitude through Service. Happy #ThankfulNovember #TheRightPerson #KoyaGratitude

Name of your Passion Project: 

High Jump: Equalizes access to education for middle school students who have exhibited academic ambition and potential and who are of limited economic means.

Why High Jump?

I have always seen education as the great equalizer in this country. Through academic enrichment, counseling, and support, High Jump helps its participants get into exceptional college preparatory schools, which translates into greater college admissions and matriculation opportunities and increased life opportunities after college.

Why this Matters:

Thanks to Koya’s Passion Project stipend, I am able to donate to a cause that is dear to me – equal access to education for middle school students in Chicago. My donation will support High Jump’s annual fundraising efforts, which in turn helps the organization to support their students, many of whom, like myself, are the first in their families to go to college.

#Thankful November - Miecha