Marissa Martin – Day of Service in South Side Chicago

In honor of Thanksgiving and Giving Tuesday, we are honored to share our teams’ Passion Project stories of Gratitude through Service. Happy #ThankfulNovember #TheRightPerson #KoyaGratitude

Name of your Passion Project: 

The Night Ministry: Works to provide housing, health care and human connection to members of our community struggling with poverty or homelessness.

Why The Night Ministry?

For my Passion Project, my friends and I, in collaboration with The Night Ministry, will be celebrating my birthday by preparing, delivering and serving dinner to over 150 underserved people on Chicago’s South Side. Based in Chicago, the Night Ministry accepts people as they are and works to address their immediate physical, emotional and social needs while affirming their sense of humanity.

Every year, the Ministry, through its Health Outreach Bus, Youth Outreach Van and Youth Shelter Network, provides services to 5,200 adults, teens, and pregnant and new moms who have nowhere else to go.

The Event: Marissa Martin’s Account

For my birthday, my friends and family came to my place and we prepared 150+ dinners for the homeless and less fortunate. It was hilarious and awesome as we did an assembly line/parade putting together the bags which we distributed through the help of the Night Ministry.

The gratitude and appreciation made it well worth braving the 15 degree weather (not counting wind chill factor) on the south side of Chicago.

Why this Matters:

Service is an important part of my upbringing, and it is an honor to be able to give back by supporting the work of organizations that are making a difference in the lives of the underserved in our society.