#Thankful November – Gratitude Through Service

Koya Leadership Partners was founded on the belief that the right person in the right place can change the world. One of the ways we embody this philosophy is by supporting nonprofits in our local communities through our Corporate Giving Program.

Each year, Koya makes a stipend available to each employee to invest in a nonprofit of his or her choosing. These “Passion Projects” have empowered girls through leadership training and STEM programs, built bog bridges and supported conservation efforts, reduced hunger in local communities, and planned family vacations for recovering veterans. They’ve also inspired involvement beyond the donations themselves—colleagues have served on Boards and coordinated as well as volunteered at various nonprofit events.

Over the 30 days, we will be sharing our Passion Project stories with you. With gratitude for all the organizations who continue to inspire and improve our communities, we wish you a very #Thankful November.

Read Our Stories

Katie Bouton – Inspiring the Next Generation of Female Leaders

Alina Michelewicz – Building Bog Bridges at the Bay Circuit Trail

Miecha Forbes – Equalizing Access to Education for Middle School Students

Turner Delano – Appreciating the Service of our Veterans

Sam Simmons – Supporting After School Programs in My Community

Marissa Martin – Serving the Underprivileged in South Side Chicago

Sayda Zelaya – Empowering Girls to Join STEM Programs

Erin Reedy – Sponsoring Education for Girls Around the World

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