Koya’s Deepened Commitment to Equity and Justice

Equity and Justice

The unjust and inhumane treatment of Black people must end now.

We stand in solidarity with our Black and Brown team members.

We stand in solidarity with our clients, who are working to dismantle systemic racism and inequity.

We stand in solidarity with our belief in a better world.

Black Lives Matter!

Words in a newsletter or social media post feel utterly inadequate right now. But we know that silence is not an option. We know that it’s not enough to be against racism, and that we must — all of us — be actively and relentlessly anti-racist.

We are more committed than ever to our ongoing journey toward racial equity at Koya, and to applying our learnings and values to the practice of executive search, with a broader mission of placing diverse leaders in mission-driven organizations.

As search consultants, we stand ready to support our clients in their racial equity work. We will also continue our own internal work to be anti-racist, including understanding the role that those of us who were born with the protection of white privilege must play in tearing down systems of racism once and for all.

A big piece of this work is educating ourselves and those around us through reading, discussion, and self-reflection. To that end, we thought we’d share some of the articles and books that have influenced us at Koya below.

In addition to educating ourselves, we believe there are things we can do right now, today, to recognize and acknowledge the pain that our Black colleagues, friends, and neighbors are experiencing. These articles offer a range of useful suggestions that you can put into action today.

Additional Resources 

There are many reading lists circulating, as well as lists of Black-owned bookstores that you can support. The list below captures just a few of the articles and books that the Koya team has found useful. We look forward to hearing what has influenced you on our social media channels: LinkedIn | Facebook | Twitter.