Recruiting & Hiring

Remote onboarding
Remotely Onboarding New Team Members
Effectively onboarding employees remotely is not only possible, it may be required in our current...
Search Committee
Advice for Search Committees: Conducting Successful Video Interviews
Tips to help hiring committees conduct smooth and effective video interviews.
inclusive job descriptions
Four Ways to Make Job Descriptions More Inclusive
When a job description is inclusive, it allows for a wide range of different people...
What It Takes to Manage Leadership Change in the Nonprofit Sector
by Miecha Ranea Forbes Every organization experiences leadership change. But these days, the nonprofit sector...
Checking References
Making Reference Checks Truly Useful
Reference checks are often a last minute, rushed step in the hiring process. Many hiring...
Recruiting for Cultural Fit
Culture fit is the glue that holds an organization together. That’s why it’s a key...
Steps Nonprofits Must Take Before Launching a Senior Hire
Katie Bouton, January 15, 2015 Resignations often happen when we least expect it, and when they...