Alina Michelewicz – Building Bog Bridges at the Bay Circuit Trail

In honor of Thanksgiving and Giving Tuesday, we are honored to share our teams’ Passion Project stories of Gratitude through Service. Happy #ThankfulNovember #TheRightPerson #KoyaGratitude

Name of your Passion Project: 

Appalachian Mountain Club: Promotes the protection, enjoyment, and understanding of the mountains, forests, waters, and trails of America’s Northeast and Mid-Atlantic regions.

Why Appalachian Mountain Club?

My husband and I did a lot of hiking this year. I’ve volunteered with several different organizations to support conservation and trail maintenance. My favorite organization and volunteer day was with the Appalachian Mountain Club. Mike (my husband) and I are both members and they maintain almost all of the trails in the White Mountains that we hike.

On National Trails Day, we wanted to give back to the Northeast trail system so we volunteered with Appalachian Mountain Club and spent the day building bog bridges in Concord, MA.

Why this Matters:

The bog bridge project is part of an initiative to build one continuous trail, which would start at Plum Island and loop around Boston in a 200-mile trail ending on the South Shore near Duxbury, MA. This is a visionary plan that has been in the works for decades. It is great to be a part of the project and to give back to the trail system by building bog boardwalks.

Also sometimes you just want to wear a hard hat and get covered in dirt! I am grateful to Koya for making a donation to Appalachian Mountain Club on my behalf via the Passion Project stipend.

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