Koya Culture

Koya’s Unique Approach to Employee Wellness

Every year Koya Leadership Partners shuts down for a full week before Labor Day. This has been a tradition at Koya since I founded the company more than a dozen years ago, and it’s one that I value deeply.

I founded Koya because I strongly believe in our mission: The Right Person in the Right Place Can Change the World. Nonprofits demand the same level of talent and recruiting expertise that for-profits have benefitted from for decades because their work is […]

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Koya Update

Massachusetts Pay Equity Legislation: Addressing the Gender Pay Gap


Salary negotiations can be challenging for both hiring managers and candidates. Finding the right balance between what a job is worth in the marketplace, departmental budget allocations, and candidate desires can be difficult. A new law in Massachusetts aims to eliminate one common factor in the salary negotiation process: candidate salary history.

Established with the goal of closing the gender pay gap, the […]

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