Job Seekers

Sector Switching: Making the Jump From For-Profit to Non-Profit

Sector switchers — job candidates who have decided to move from the for-profit sector to the nonprofit world — are increasingly common. Many job seekers I talk to are seeking work that feels more meaningful and mission-driven. But it’s not always easy to make the move. Candidates often struggle to frame their experience in a way that makes sense to nonprofit employers and sometimes find it difficult to break through the initial resistance to the fact their background is in […]

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Awards and Recognition

Koya Leadership Partners Featured on Hunt Scanlon’s Top 50 Recruiters List

Koya Leadership Partners Featured on Hunt Scanlon Top 50 Recruiters


Koya Leadership Partners is thrilled to be recognized as one of the top 50 search firms in the Americas by Hunt Scanlon Media. The Top 50 Recruiter’s list is an annual roundup of the largest, fastest growing executive search firms, and Koya is proud to be ranked side by side with large recruiting and talent […]

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Spring Brings New Leadership at Chicago Botanic Garden

Jean Franczyk, the new president and CEO of the Chicago Botanic Garden (Courtesy of the Chicago Botanic Garden)

Spring officially arrived last week, and with it the promise of warmer temperatures and new flowers. This spring at the Chicago Botanic Garden also brings new ideas and new leadership.

The Chicago Botanic Garden has named Jean Franczyk as its new president and CEO. Franczyk will […]

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