Infinite Difference

Infinite Difference: Kris Perry, First Five Years Fund



Meet inspiring Infinite Difference leader Kris Perry, Executive Director, First Five Years Fund. She spoke to us about teaching toddlers to swim, being a proud mom, and the importance of doing what you love.

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Invest in Leadership Development to Retain High Performers of All Races Featured in Philanthropy News Digest

While people of color in the United States account for nearly half – 48 percent – of the total student population, leadership in nonprofit education organizations doesn’t mirror this demographic fact. In a recent survey, From Intention to Action: Building Diverse Leadership Teams in Education to Deepen Impact, Koya Leadership Partners and Education Pioneers found that at the director level within education nonprofits, only 39 percent of leaders are people of color. At the vice president level, the number dips to […]

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