Our Philanthropy Program

Koya’s multi-tiered, employee-driven philanthropy program empowers individual team members to create impact by being educated philanthropists. Our Passion Project stipend gives all employees the opportunity to increase their personal philanthropic efforts by contributing to the nonprofit cause of their choosing. Our Community Impact Committee allows for company-wide decisions about how to harness the power of volunteer time and corporate donations to provide additional support to a cause or mission selected by staff annually.


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Our Commitment to Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI)

Koya Leadership Partners has an explicit commitment to diversity in our work with clients as well as internally in our own firm. Our attention to diversity goes beyond rhetoric. We track diversity both internally and externally and use diversity metrics as a measurement of performance for our recruiters.

Our internal DEI Committee meets on a monthly basis to discuss, learn and ensure that we approach our work and internal policies and procedures with a DEI lens. The DEI Committee also developed Koya’s Diversity Statement, which codifies our values and informs our internal and external work around diversity, equity and inclusion.

View our Diversity Statement here.

Click here to read the results of Koya’s collaboration with Education Pioneers to assess racial diversity in education nonprofits.


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